How to adjust a metal watch bracelet - adjusting a watch bracelet to your wrist

Wrist Watch

Finally! The watch you ordered and looked forward to has arrived and delivered to you, hurray! You carefully remove the purchase from the branded packaging, carefully release it from the films, admire, try on ... oh, that's a shame - the bracelet is too big ...

Do not worry, this is fixable. Let's tell!

Of course, it is best for a specialist to do this. In the workshop, where all the necessary tools and skillful (professional) hands are available, the bracelet will be adjusted to the hand quickly and for reasonable money. Moreover, they will give a guarantee, albeit not particularly long, but still.

However, it may turn out that there is no workshop nearby, or you simply do not want to go somewhere else, or, in the end, you are interested in shortening the bracelet with your own hands. Well, it's available too! Now, if it was required to lengthen - this is a problem, additional links are needed. And shortening is not difficult.

So, we proceed.

Preparing the workplace. Of course, we will not do it “on the knee”, but we will - on an ordinary table, cleared of all unnecessary things. It is advisable to lay something smooth, light, not too slippery on the table. A tablecloth or towel (not terry) will work, a sheet of paper will work too. But the newspaper is not: a lot of small black letters printed on a white background will make it difficult to find the details that will appear after removing the extra links of the bracelet. A small box will not hurt, in which you can store the removed links (do not throw it away!)

Cooking tools. If you have a watchmaker's kit (this is for sale), then very well. If not, it doesn't matter, you will need: a small hammer, small pliers (or tweezers), an awl (or at least a paper clip, and in extreme cases a needle - but thick enough). Possibly a small screwdriver, such as come with a sewing machine (ask your wife). If there is nothing at all - you are again in the workshop, but we hope that this simple toolkit is still present in the house.

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Yes, and a bar of soap will also be useful. Solid. It is easy to make a holder out of it: cut a groove in the soap from edge to edge so that the bracelet fits well into it. Holds perfectly, rinses off even better afterwards.

Removing the extra links. First, of course, you need to try on - how many of them to shoot? And keep in mind that it is worth keeping the symmetry of the bracelet in relation to the watch case. That is, remove the links in pairs: one on one side, the other on the other.

Now we place the bracelet in our holder. We look (it is possible that a magnifying glass will be required) how the connecting pin is installed. It happens that the pins are fixed with screws, in this case a screwdriver will be used. Don't lose the cogs!

Unscrewed? Or weren't there any screws? Then the next step: we rest our pusher (awl or something like that) on the end of the pin and gently press. It should go, and if it goes hard, then you can knock (even more carefully) with a hammer.

The tip of the pin should appear on the opposite side. Gently but imperiously grab it with tweezers (or small pliers / pliers) and slowly pull it out.

We repeat the operation on the other side of the link with which we are working. We carefully put everything filmed in a box. The link was released, its there too. And again we do the same with a similar link on the other part of the bracelet.

We connect. It is easy to guess that the connection is made in the reverse order. When assembling, orient the pins correctly, and do not get excited, they are thin, so do not knock with a hammer too hard. If there were screws, do not forget to screw them back!

That's all. Well, if something went wrong - it cannot be removed, not inserted, stuck, lost, etc. - then, all the same, humble yourself and contact the specialists.

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