Timeless watches - the latest DIESEL models for a successful life

Wrist Watch

It is absolutely impossible that the founder of Diesel, nicknamed the "denim genius", has ignored the watch category. Armed with the principles of freedom of expression and possessing a tremendous understanding of the spirit of the times, he introduced the world to a watch with pronounced futuristic accents and a provocative character. From season to season, the products were improved, complicated and technically updated until they received the title of not just a stylish accessory, but a functional, durable and extremely reliable companion of a successful life.

Today, Diesel watches convey an unconventional vision of modernity, with an obvious penchant for experimentation, which allows them to remain one of the most recognizable and desirable products both in the fashion world and in the watch industry. We invite you to meet in person!

Diesel DZ1961

The embodiment of modern minimalism, unique in its execution. The absolute dominance of the gold color enhances the character of the laconic steel structure, as if cast entirely from precious metal. The lack of unnecessary details emphasizes the gender-neutral mood of the product and allows it to match both women's and men's wardrobe within absolutely any style. Self-sufficient watches can be worn as an accent accessory or combined with your favorite jewelry, creating a personal, often symbolic composition.

Diesel DZ1947

The successful union of practicality and functionality meets the highest quality indicators and is the author's interpretation of modern elegance. The Italian origin of the watch enhances the sense of timeless relevance and stylistic versatility of the leather and steel piece. The careful attention to detail and play with the size deserves special attention: thanks to the correctly selected proportions, the case does not look too bulky and massive, allowing its owner to complement both a sporty look and a classic business suit with the product.

Diesel DZ4566

The chronograph watch with stopwatch is a clear example of the brand's unique aesthetics, with an emphasis on reducing the massiveness of the case (43 mm instead of the traditional 51 mm) and impressive technical content. In addition to the standard set of options, the product has excellent accuracy indicators, for which the quartz movement is responsible. And a sufficient limit of strength, which is guaranteed by mineral glass. In addition, it is difficult not to note the impressive appearance of the chronograph, which instantly attracts attention and allows you to interpret the philosophy of street style at your own discretion, both within the framework of the women's and men's wardrobe.

Diesel DZ1964

The characteristic vintage tone of the model is emphasized both by its colors and by the design of the unique gray dial. In addition to a recognizable and rather versatile silhouette, the model offers ultra-accurate time display, excellent durability and 100 WR water resistance. The optimal balance of visual aesthetics, bright individuality and functionality of the product allows it to organically complement absolutely any everyday outfit and easily adapt to the personal rhythm of its owner's life.

Diesel DZ7452

According to legend, this watch owes its rather large size (57 mm) to the trace of a coffee mug left on a napkin. Not only the impressive dimensions deserve attention, but also the impressive functionality and unique modern aesthetics, which give complete freedom of expression. Watches with 4 quartz movements offer 12- and 24-hour time format and display of indicators of four time zones, which makes them an indispensable companion on travel and even the most extreme adventures. If you are in constant pursuit of vivid impressions, then this product will be a worthy company for you!