When every second counts - Luminox Pacific Series

Wrist Watch

Invented in the USA and made in Switzerland, Luminox watches represent the perfect combination of precision, durability and unbending character. Nonetheless, the Pacific Diver 3120 series takes these metrics into absolute absolute, reflecting indigenous values ​​and meeting the urgent needs of both US Special Forces and ordinary people with an unusual will to win and adventure.

In addition to meeting the highest requirements and quality standards, the products of the series are inextricably linked with the Pacific Ocean, on the coast of which the training base of the legendary "fur seals" is located, and whose harsh natural conditions of survival were the final stage for testing the endurance of watches.

We suggest taking a closer look at them and paying close attention if your active life position requires daily support in the form of a powerful technical content and a corresponding form.

Luminox XS.3121.BO

Powerful and heavy-duty watch design with unidirectional bezel Reinforced carbon CARBONOX ™ conveys a discreet character that is felt in black with a single scarlet accent color at the tip of the hand. The absence of unnecessary details emphasizes not only the military origin, but also the functional purpose of the product.

Nevertheless, despite the technical capabilities of watches designed for diving, surfing and long stay in the ocean, they easily adapt to life on the shore, complementing the personal style and accompanying their wearer in the most extreme situations, confirming their first-class reputation every day.

Luminox XS.3121

The model with refreshing splashes of white is characterized by increased practicality, emphasized by versatility and impressive functionality. The fighting character and durability of the watch is emphasized not only by the style, but also by the steel corps, sapphire glass Anti-reflective and proprietary tritium backlight dial, which allows you to determine the time in absolute darkness for 25 years! The product will be an excellent solution for fans of an active or extreme lifestyle and those who are distinguished by a constant striving to improve their achievements!

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Luminox XS.3122

At the heart of the product with a black dial on steel bracelet - Swiss Ronda quartz caliber, which allows you not to miss a second of time. This statement is confirmed by the Luminox motto “Every second counts”, engraved on the case back from stainless steel of each model in the series. A timepiece that embodies the traditional notion of powerful professional pieces, it has a distinctive personality and versatility that is more than enough to adapt to any style preference and a variety of tasks.

Luminox XS.3123

A flamboyant representative of Luminox's signature aesthetics, with an emphasis on deep dial colors. The model fully meets the highest requirements for the shape and content of professional watches, including a high indicator water protection 200WR and special LLT technology, providing visibility in absolute darkness for 25 years.

The product, which has absorbed the spirit of Pacific adventures, will become a worthy addition to any watch collection and, thanks to the highest quality of workmanship, will never become outdated. Pay attention to it if you need a reliable tool and companion in overcoming even the most extreme situations.