Should jewelry be age-appropriate?

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We raise the issue of the relevance of age restrictions for different categories of jewelry. Our opinion - it's time to forget about them!

If only because the jewelry wardrobe should be assembled based on personal feelings and personal aesthetics, and not based on easily contested prohibitions. Among the arguments is the recent shooting of Swarovski for VOGUE Italia. The main heroine of the advertising campaign was the Italian model, actress and participant in the 1976 Summer Olympics Elisabetta Dessy.

If stylists took into account the age of the 65-year-old model, her image would be complemented by either boring pearls or an on-duty set of diamonds. But Swarovski took a different path. We cover!

Step 1

Perhaps, let's start with the number of decorations: there are a lot of them and in several layers. In addition, no inconspicuous products. The main emphasis is on spectacular candy shades or unusual shapes in large sizes.

Let's look at combinations. Familiar rings and necklaces are refreshed by massive chokers and shining ear-cuffs, clearly refuting the belief that this category of jewelry was created exclusively for the representatives of the younger generation!

Conclusion - we choose the design, size and color scheme of jewelry, based on our own preferences, and not age.

Step 2

Let's move on to implementation. In fact, only a personal sense of style and, probably, worldview is important. You can stop at one or two pieces of jewelry (for example, a massive ring and bracelet), or you can decide to quote advertising images verbatim, playing with multi-layered combinations and color schemes.

We offer an unusual set of products to complement basic T-shirts, classic shirts and laconic relaxed cut suits. We also recall that large jewelry is especially relevant in the autumn-winter period: they go well with outerwear, without getting lost in the layers of coarse fabric, and serve as an expressive addition to all kinds of jumpers and sweaters.

If you lacked visual examples or inspiration - save!

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