All color: floral watches and jewelry to suit every budget

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The depiction of flowers, both naturalistic and stylized, is one of the most ancient, one might say traditional, motifs in applied art in general and in jewelry in particular. There are many reasons for this: even a child is easier to draw a flower than a person or, for example, an animal. Simplified, reduced to the most general outlines, plant motifs constantly appeared on all household items that people had used since ancient times, and the Egyptians, at the time of building the pyramids, already knew how to draw flowers with amazing grace and subtlety.

The popularity of floristry in applied and fine arts was prompted by a strict ban on the depiction of living beings in Judaism and then in Islam: painting portraits or creating statues was considered a sin of idolatry. Muslim miniaturists achieved near perfection in painting floral designs.

It was logical that such patterns ended up on jewelry. Jewelers of antiquity and the Middle Ages drew inspiration from the surrounding nature and their own imagination. Flowers made of gold or silver decorated both the simple earrings of a poor girl and the luxurious gold frame of a Byzantine icon. Flower petals were made from precious stones, covered with enamel, lined with small pearls or woven with filigree lace.

With the advent of pocket watches, and then wristwatches (the first wristwatches were ladies' watches - women tried them on a century earlier than men, at the turn of the XNUMXth-XNUMXth centuries), flowers “bloomed” on them too.

Roses, daisies, daisies and fantastic stylized flowers were painted on the enamel and mother-of-pearl dials, laid out in mosaics and pavé of precious stones, engraved on gold cases, carved from stone using the glyptic technique or from sea shells using the cameo technique.

The most valuable such models are created in a single copy or in small series. But true fans of “hourly floristry” can always choose budget options with their favorite floral motifs. The choice between “I want” and “I can” has never been so pleasant.

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  • A small independent Swiss watch company, Christophe Claret specializes in producing models with ingenious and original complications. For example, on a Marguerite watch, after certain manipulations, a playful inscription appears, which means “For my beloved.” And the center of the dial is occupied by a daisy - a flower on which girls in any European country guess “loves or dislikes” - just like Russian girls tell fortunes with a daisy. If you wish, you can tell your fortune on the watch without any special expenses: in the center of the Romanson RM9A23LLW(WH) watch there is also a daisy.

  • Known as the “King of Diamonds,” watches and jewelry from the house of Graff are traditionally some of the most impressive, expensive and impeccably beautiful. Not every girl can afford the Floral Tourbillon Blue model with a complication (tourbillon), diamonds and stylized blue flowers on the dial. But the peculiar geometric aesthetics of flowers, somewhat reminiscent of fractals, placed on the dial in a deceptive disorder, is repeated in the democratic Freelook F.1.1104.02 model.

  • The iridescent mother-of-pearl flower on the dial adds tenderness and grace to the jewelry model of the watch of the Swiss luxury brand Chopard - L'Heure du Diamant. As their name suggests, they are set with diamonds. However, if you want to admire a mother-of-pearl flower not only on special occasions, but also at daytime business meetings or in the office, then take a closer look at the laconic model without diamonds - Pierre Ricaud P21034.5143Q in a steel case and on a steel bracelet.

  • Where there are flowers, there are butterflies, this is the law of nature. The watchmakers of the Swiss company Omega exquisitely recalled it by placing butterflies with sparkling wings fluttering across mother-of-pearl on the dial of their luxury De Ville Prestige Co-Axial model. The same butterfly with shiny wings on pink mother-of-pearl can be admired by the owner of the affordable Morellato model R0153150501 on a Milanese weave steel bracelet.
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  • The most seemingly simple and obvious thing is to simply draw flowers on the dial. But hot enamel, which is usually used for such painting, is an entire art that requires artistic talent and technical skills. Anyone who wants to see white anemones on their wrist every day, finely painted by miniaturists of the Russian jewelry brand Ilgiz F., founded by Ilgiz Fazulzyanov, can buy a luxury watch Ladies fired enamel miniature painting by Ilgiz F. in a white gold case from the Swiss brand Bovet 1822. And for those who simply love delicately and romantically painted flowers, an inexpensive, laconic model on a steel bracelet, Morellato R0153141526, is suitable. The same anemones, but not white, but pink, on a metal dial.