Dragonfly Lord - new watch from Chaumet

chaumet-precious-1 Wrist Watch

Not everyone loves insects. However, in the world of premium jewelry design, spiders, bees and beetles turn into beautiful creatures that can delight the most demanding aesthetes.

The Parisian jewelry house Chaumet is able to truly ennoble the image of any insect: you have not seen such cute insects as in the new Attrape-moi…si tu m'aimes watch line (fr. "Catch me ... if you love").

A limited edition of 88 watches with a pair of thin plates on the dial mother of pearl, agates и carnelian dragonflies depicted against the background of the night sky made of lapis lazuli.

The design of the watch was inspired by “the natural motifs characteristic of the Chaumet jewelry house,” said creative director Claire Deve-Rakoff, adding that all the watches in the new collection “tell miniature stories of love and seduction against the backdrop of the riotous colors of nature.”

The Magnificent Six

“This has been a fruitful collaboration between Chaumet and Swiss artisans who practice and maintain exceptional skills along with an extraordinary ability for artistic decoration… in a creative world where imagination and emotion know no bounds.”

Deve-Rakoff, designer of the collection.



Six artisans - a jeweler, an engraver, a gemstone setter, a miniature painter and two watchmakers - also assembled watches. The production of each copy took about 120 hours.

diamond magnificence

The 18K rose gold watch is set with 58 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 2,52 carats, forming a dazzling rim of the dial, to which a satin strap is attached, the two halves are joined by a rose gold clasp set with 63 brilliant-cut diamonds. (total weight 0,2 carats).

The watch also comes with an additional crocodile leather strap. Dragonflies are made of mother-of-pearl, yellow agate and orange carnelian plates and are surrounded by a "night sky" of lapis lazuli stone on a mother-of-pearl base. Seven round-cut diamonds, totaling 0,06 carats, brighten the sky with starry brilliance.

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Starlight Night

If we do not take into account the difficulties of coordinating the work of six masters, the main challenge that the creation of a new collection posed to Virgo-Rakoff was the creation of the night sky - in the end, it was decided to "paint" it with lapis lazuli powder. The watch cost $85 per piece.