A new masterpiece by Van Cleef & Arpels: a planetarium that is always with you

Van-Cleef-Arpels-Midnight-Planetarium-05 Wrist Watch

The new creation of the Parisian jewelry house is the Midnight Planétarium watch, which combines beauty, technological excellence and extraordinary functionality.

In what - in what, but in romance the French do not hold. The designer who created this watch took a flight of fancy to the very heavens - and he descended from there with the entire solar system that fits on the wrist.

The clock is a model of the movement of six planets around the Sun and allows you to determine at any time the position of the Earth, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn relative to each other.

The movement of the planets in a miniature wrist planetarium exactly corresponds to their orbits: the figure of Saturn will take 29 years to describe a full circle around the dial, Jupiter will revolve around the Sun placed in the center of the clock for 12 years, Mars - 687 days, Earth - 365 days, Venus - 224 days and, finally, a tiny model of Mercury will make a full revolution in 88 days.

The unnamed self-winding movement contains 396 individual parts and features an exclusive module developed by the French firm in collaboration with Christiaan van der Klaauw, a Dutch brand renowned for its hand-assembled astronomical movements.

In addition to performing cosmic functions, the watch is also capable of performing more "earthly" tasks: the time is displayed in a 24-hour format using indicators located on the outer border of the dial. Between the hour segments are 15-minute divisions.


A rose-gold shooting star orbiting farthest from the sun in our solar system acts as the only hand responsible for telling the time. Celestial motifs also extend beyond the dial - the cosmic composition is also engraved on the reverse side over the rotor of the watch. Day, month and year are set using two buttons and are displayed through two holes on the dial.

In addition, the owner can set his "lucky day" on the watch. On the date indicated by the red triangle on the calendar on the border of the dial, the figure of the Earth will move exactly to the center of the star engraved on the sapphire crystal.

The watchmakers who created this watch say that this behavior of celestial bodies is an undoubted sign of good luck.

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Real assorted semi-precious stones used to depict the planets: turquoise - for the earth coil for Mercury, chloromelanite for Venus, red jasper for Mars, blue agate for Jupiter, and sugilite for Saturn. The sun is made of rose gold.

Each of the rotating elements, including the shooting star, is mounted on its own aventurine disk. The illusion of the starry sky is created thanks to the gold plating on the dark blue dial.