10:10, or the worldwide conspiracy of watchmakers

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Many watch lovers, when viewing advertising brochures, photographs in magazines or publications on the Internet, have probably noticed more than once that the hands of the presented models often point to the time 10:10. If not, then next time be sure to conduct an experiment, this rule almost always works. Intrigued? We are no less, so today we will try to figure out what causes such a strange coincidence. Let's look at the most popular versions.

Men's Swiss wristwatch Movado Edge 3680041-m

Version No. 1. Historical figures

According to the first version, the phenomenon is associated with the time of death of historical figures. By setting the hands in this position, watchmakers strive to perpetuate the memory of famous political figures - Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy and Martin Luther King - each of whom left their mark on world history. It’s a completely working version, if you don’t go into details and take my word for it. But if you look into it, it turns out that all three died at different times.

Version No. 2. Events

Another no less tragic version says that 10:10 is the time when atomic bombs were dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by American bombers during the Second World War. This assumption is also not supported by facts.

Men's Swiss wristwatch Victorinox INOX Carbon 241776

Version No. 3. Logo

Since the logo and brand name are usually concentrated at the top of the dial at 12 o'clock, the hour and minute hands located at the 10:10 position frame them particularly well.

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Version No. 4. Maximum view

In addition, this position allows you to leave open the remaining elements of the “face” of the wristwatch, usually located at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock, such as the date aperture, additional small dials or, for example, the moon phase window. At the same time, the arrows themselves are clearly visible, which sometimes represent a separate interest.

Version No. 5. Victory

The hour and minute hands at 10:10 resemble the Latin letter "V", which is often associated with Winston Churchill's famous gesture meaning "victory" in English. It can be assumed that when a potential buyer sees this symbol on the dial of a watch, then at the subconscious level he perceives the accessory as the key to success and is therefore more favorable to the purchase.

Women's Swiss wristwatch Maurice Lacroix Eliros Date EL1094-SS001-550-1

Version No. 6. Smile

When we look at the clock and see the hands arranged in this way, they remind us of a smiley face, it seems that the clock is “smiling” at us. This appearance of the product creates a positive mood and can contribute to the decision to make a purchase.

Version No. 7. Check mark

The considered position of the arrows can be associated not only with victory or a smile, but also with a symbol such as a “tick” (bird), which is usually used as a mark to indicate a completed task or an important task. Thus, the information is conveyed that a watch is the best assistant in matters of punctuality and achieving your goals.

Men's Swiss mechanical wristwatch Claude Bernard Sophisticated Classics 83014-3NIN1

Version No. 8. Feminism

In the wake of the growing popularity of the feminist movement associated with the struggle of women for equality, some saw in the arrangement of the arrows an ancient symbol of the feminine principle - a triangle with a point pointing downwards, which, by the way, did not make them very happy.

Version No. 9. Industrial

During assembly line assembly, the clock hands are set at the 10:10 position. When a new watch falls into the hands of photographers, the mechanism has not yet been started. This version can perhaps be believed, but only in relation to mechanical calibers. Quartz watches begin counting time as soon as the battery is installed in the case, and this happens before the product leaves the line.

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Version No. 10. Shooting

An advertising shoot for one model often lasts several hours. During this time, the photographer can take up to several dozen frames from different angles, although in the end only a few of the best ones will be accepted for subsequent work. For this reason, photographers try to use watches with the same arrangement of hands so that a person looking at photographs, for example, on an advertising page, does not have a feeling of disorder, untidiness, or inaccuracy.

Although the true reason remains a mystery, this version may explain a kind of flash mob among photographers - when you need to use a unified time, why not just set the hands to 10:10.