For those at sea: an excursion into the Casio G-SHOCK Gulfmaster and Gulfman watch lines

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G-SHOCK is submissive to all elements, and the sea is no exception. True, the word Gulf is translated as "bay", but, of course, the Gulfmaster and Gulfman lines are more than suitable both on the open sea and even under water. This is natural: after all, the G-SHOCK, by its very nature, is designed to work in difficult conditions. What are the sea. Let's talk about some of the notable models from these collections. Let's start with a simpler one.

Gulfman G-9100-1E

Japanese wrist watch Casio G-SHOCK G-9100-1E

The first "man of the bay" was born in 1999. This watch is geared towards fishing enthusiasts, whether they are fishing from the shore or from a boat. And three years earlier, the FisherMan model appeared, which, in fact, translates directly as "fisherman". Its main feature was the display of the Tide Graph, considered useful at the seaside. The graph is nice, it is made in the form of a wave. And also an indication of the phases of the moon was added to it, since these two phenomena are connected with each other, and a thermometer.

The titanium caseback of the FisherMans was engraved with a mermaid. After some time, on the new models of "fishermen" - namely on the EL-backlight - a funny turtle was found, brushing its own shell.

On the back of the Gulfman, the neat is already engraved, the mermaid is not there. At the same time, the RustResist marking appeared on the lid, i.e. rust protection. In general, G-SHOCK has always been corrosion resistant, but on Gulfman this quality was first raised to the rank of announced, along with Water Resist and Shock Resist. Was this sufficient reason for the DW-1999, released in 8700, to acquire a new name - Gulfman? It's hard to say. Perhaps the decisive factor was then equipping the DW-8700 with a solar battery - the watch became the second Casio G-SHOCK to receive Tough Solar technology (after Raysman). By the way, the thermometer from DW-8700, on the contrary, was seized.

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The G-9100-1E is a typical representative of the Gulfman line, which is part of the Master of G family. The model cannot be called a novelty, but it has not lost its relevance. Classic G-SHOCK, shockproof, water resistant up to 200 m, corrosion resistant, easy to use, reliable, accurate and inexpensive. There is no solar battery, but the battery charge lasts for 7 years!

The functionality is relatively small, but everything you need is there: an automatic calendar, world time, a 24-hour stopwatch with an accuracy of 1/100 sec., A 24-hour countdown timer, 3 alarms. Plus the specifics: the schedule of the ebb and flow, the phases of the moon. The dial is equipped with electroluminescent illumination, the case diameter is 46 mm, the thickness is 16,4 mm, the weight of the watch is 53 g.

Japanese wrist watch Casio G-SHOCK GN-1000B-1A with chronograph

Gulfmaster - a much more complicated watch. This is a professional instrument for sailors and rescuers on the water, multifunctional, and by design it is clearly marine, as evidenced by the characteristic hour markers in the form of bright dots, pointed hands resembling an anchor in shape, the constant presence of blue.

Gulfmaster GWN-1000H-2A

Japanese wrist watch Casio G-SHOCK GWN-1000H-2A with chronograph

The model can be attributed to the category of the highest configuration. In the presence of a solar battery, correction of the current time by radio signal, automatic switching on of the LED backlight when the hand moves, one more backlight - Neobrite. The triple sensor Triple Sensor includes an altimeter, barometer and thermometer, with options: 1) displaying the results of these measurements on the display in the form of a graph and 2) comparing the last measurement with the previous one (the second hand shows the change on the OVER or UNDER scale). There is also a digital compass.

And, of course, ebb-tide and moon phases inherent to all Gulfmaster. Plus everything is basic: world time, automatic calendar, stopwatch, timer, 5 alarms. Case diameter 44,9 mm, thickness 16,2 mm, weight 101 g.

Gulfmaster GN-1000B-1A and GN-1000RG-1A

Japanese wrist watch Casio G-SHOCK GN-1000RG-1A with chronograph

Compared to the previous model: no solar battery and no time correction by radio signal, no altimeter and barometer. Everything else is in place. The difference between GN-1000B-1A and GN-1000RG-1A is in the color of the steel coating bezel (black or gold, respectively). In general, there are a lot of options with different color combinations. Case diameter 50,5 mm, thickness 15,9 mm, watch weight 82 g.

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