Citizen launches six watches for Star Wars fans

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On May 4, the unofficial day of the cult saga of George Lucas, Citizen delighted Star Wars fans with the release of six models dedicated to the main characters of the film. The first picture of the future saga was released on screens on May 25, 1977, and real success awaited a new universe in the 1980s. Therefore, in a new series of models for true fans of Star Wars, the Japanese watch brand decided to revive the model originally from the 1980s - Citizen Cal. 8982.

This analog-digital watch was a real breakthrough for its time: it combined multiple digital displays with two mini-dials with familiar hands. The same structure can be seen on watches from the Ana-Digi Star Wars collection. The watch also featured an unusual combination of functions. In addition to double time indication, they provided access to a thermometer and a stopwatch with an accuracy of 1/1000 of a second. The model was very popular in the Land of the Rising Sun market and was reissued by Citizen in 2018 in collaboration with the Japanese fashion retailer Beams.

The thermometer in Citizen Ana-Digi Star Wars also remained. Along with an alarm clock and time indication on two dials decorated with symbols of the heroes of the Lucas universe. The demonic Darth Vader, the R2-D2 robot, the rebel pilots, the C-3PO droid, the bounty hunter Boba Fett and even the rebel flight tactics (model Trench Run) became the ideological inspirers of the new watch collection.

So far, only two models of the series have been released - the Rebel Pilot and the Trench Run. The first is distinguished by the presence of the symbols of the Rebel Alliance and the X-wing starfighter. The latter used parts reminiscent of the X-wing and TIE series starfighters.

The rest of the models are planned to be presented in October and November. The watch honoring R2-D2 will feature a robot image and use white, blue and red colors. The model, dedicated to the C-3PO droid, will have a gold body. The instance, named Darth Vader, of course, will turn black, and for the model with Bob Fett, Japanese designers have chosen shades from his helmet.

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In addition, Citizen will make two special novelties in honor of the stormtroopers and the BB-8 astromech droid, but they will be available exclusively in Japan.