Cocktail watches: how to wear and where to wear them?

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Born of boundless creativity and endowed with the ability to tell time, cocktail watches are rapidly approaching a resurgence in popularity. We warmly welcome the return of unique products based on impeccable functionality, exceptional aesthetic characteristics and the highest craftsmanship.

What to choose

Significantly simplifying the definition of this category of products, we suggest looking towards miniature-sized jewelry watches made of precious metals or their imitation (for example, brass is often used instead of gold, which is especially important for vintage models).

It is also possible to inlay with precious or semi-precious stones (modern variations from Swarovski, of course, use crystals). Let's pay attention to the interesting color combinations and the use of unusual materials to decorate the dial (the most common are mother-of-pearl, enamel and opals).

It is suggested to wear such a watch on a ribbon made of silk, velvet or satin. A slightly more practical option is an elegant metal bracelet or a graceful soft leather strap.

How to wear

Perhaps the most correct decision would be to leave the cocktail watch as the only decoration (with the possible exception of the portrait area, which can be refreshed with neat earrings with a discreet sound). A clear example is the appearance of model Kaia Gerber at the debut Met Gala, where her Oscar de la Renta ball gown was complemented by luxurious Omega De Ville Prestige with diamonds.

However, if we are talking about a simple design and/or the absence of a lot of decoration, then combinations with other decorations can enhance the character of the watch and express individuality in a special way.

What to wear with

For quite a long time, cocktail watches were called products designed to complement evening outfits. We suggest adapting them to your everyday wardrobe, wearing them with formal trouser suits, oversized sweaters and the most basic T-shirts.

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Also suitable are laconic tops/dresses without straps and men's cut items, against which a cocktail watch will look incredibly sophisticated.