Review of the Continental 23001-GD158830 watch

Wrist Watch

When the question arises about buying a wristwatch (especially the first one), due to limited knowledge in this area, we begin to choose watches by appearance, often without even thinking that behind the spectacular appearance lies a disposable mechanism, powdered metal and poor workmanship. But a watch, like any other conscious purchase, must be chosen thoughtfully, having previously collected information about the manufacturer and seller, quality, functional durability, etc.

You need to look among well-known and time-tested brands, and you should buy not in the market / in a passage / from hand on the train / from a private person based on an advertisement, but in official stores, where they will show you the watch, offer to try it on, give you a receipt and, if necessary, produce it as a guarantee , and post-warranty service. You can easily buy additional accessories there. For example, a watch box or a strap of a different color to change your mood.

I repeat, watches can be quite budget-friendly, but at the same time high-quality. An example of such a watch is our today's gentleman from the famous Swiss brand Continental.

A little retrospective. The Swiss watch company Continental was founded in 1924. The mere fact that the brand has not sunk into oblivion over the course of a century speaks of its reliable quality and popularity among customers.

Briefly about the model:

A classic three-pointer with a date window at three o'clock in the ideal "costume" size - 41 mm in diameter and only 9 mm in thickness. Arrows with applied light accumulator. It is also worth noting that the watch is on a soft classic “croco” strap made of genuine leather with a branded buckle.

The watch is Swiss inside and out, which is confirmed by the “Swiss made” marking on the dial and case back.

Glass: sapphire. The transfer head is small and convenient. The logo is visible at the end, and there is an easy-to-grip coin edge on the edge.

Water resistance is everyday, but the back cover is threaded: feel free to wash your hands and get caught in the rain.

The main task of the ideal watch for a business suit is to achieve the right harmony. Simplicity, minimalism in the lines and curves of the case, classic sword-shaped hands and markers provide an ideal visual perception of the model. And natural sapphire with maximum transparency and a matte dial create a feeling of depth and weightlessness: the hour markers seem to float. Reading the time is absolutely clear and convenient.

I call this rather rare combination a laconic design, in which all attention is focused on the main information. The absence of frills, irrelevant details and complex elements is certainly a credit to the Continental designers.

PS The watch world is beautiful in its diversity, each watch is good in its own way.
Remember that a watch is not only practically the only male accessory, but also part of your harmonious, positive, confident attitude.

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