Gold mine: review of the D1 Milano UTBJ31 watch

Wrist Watch

In the nineteenth century, a mine surveyor (a specialist in quarry/mine development or, in other words, an engineer of a mining team) needed to spend years of time and shovel tons of ore to find a gold-bearing vein. And even these incredible efforts did not guarantee the success of the enterprise. It happened that, approaching the end of his life, he never found a gold mine, literally being left with nothing.
Likewise, our contemporaries can spend a huge amount of time and money searching for the ideal accessory for a harmonious appearance and inner worldview, but never find the treasured nugget that would allow them to be at their best.

But all of the above definitely does not apply to the person whose choice fell on the D1 Milano Ultra-Thin “Gold Edition” watch. This is a real find! And that's why.

Ultra-thin steel case and hypoallergenic 316L stainless steel bracelet. Uncompromising black color. Reliable and durable PVD coating (super-hard titanium nitride is applied in a vacuum, and on top of it is an ultra-thin layer of gold or chromium oxide for a dark color). It resembles black ceramics, but unlike ceramics it has a steel safety factor.

We are all confident in Japanese cars; their quality and reliability are undeniable. Also here. The most reliable Japanese quartz caliber Miyota - no worries and hassle: change the battery every 2-3 years.

An elegant bracelet with interesting combined links. From the watch to the clasp it tapers - it is convenient and comfortable. After a day's wear, your wrist won't get tired, and your shirt cuff will thank you for maintaining its appearance.

By the way, the butterfly clasp. Putting on and taking off your watch is quick and easy.

The most flat and transparent sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating provides reliable protection and does not interfere with the quick reading of the time and observation of the dial.

The dial is truly a masterpiece. Goldmine! Black coal shimmering and sparkling in the light with splashes of gold. They create a visual picture of a cut of gold ore. It looks very beautiful and expensive!

From advantages to advantages:

• Diameter 40 mm – “golden mean”.
• Thickness is only 6 mm (almost three bank cards in a sandwich) – very thin!
• Weight 100 grams - fluff!
• Everyday water resistance, screw-on back cover. You can safely wash your hands and get caught in the rain.
• The issue is numbered, which means it is not consumer goods with a rubber circulation.

The watch is almost completely black... And nothing goes so perfectly with gold as with black! This combination is a win-win – 10 out of 10! They will look great paired with gold jewelry or gold-plated jewelry (chain, pendant, bracelet, ring).

Everything about this watch is “ultra”! Ultra durable, ultra thin, ultra reliable, ultra modern. And let’s be honest, they are ultra-fashionable! To Italian designers - bravo, bravissimo!

In the end, let me remind you that D1 Milano is a young brand (about 10 years old), but this has not stopped it from becoming one of the most popular and in demand today. A watch like this is definitely worth buying; it must be included! And this particular model will delight you for many years.

PS The watch world is beautiful in its diversity, each watch is good in its own way. Remember that a watch is not only practically the only male accessory, but also part of your harmonious, positive and confident attitude.

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