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“We went to the far corner. Clear lines from the iron stood out on the tablecloth. The tablecloth was rough.

Fred said:
- Pay attention to this fryer. A year ago, he ordered me a batch of delbans with a cross ...
I interrupted him:
- What are delbans with a cross?
“Watch,” Fred replied, “it doesn't matter… I've brought him goods ten times, but he doesn't take it. Every time he comes up with new excuses. In short, I never signed up. I kept thinking - what are the numbers? And suddenly I realized that he did not want to BUY my delbans with a cross. He wants to feel like a businessman who needs a batch of branded goods. He wants to endlessly ask me the question: "How is what I asked for?" ... "

Sergey Dovlatov "Suitcase".

To paraphrase the replica of the hero of the popular film "Hello, I am your aunt", we exclaim: "How many watch brands there are in Switzerland - you can't count!"

In fact, of course, everything is counted: according to the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FHS), today there are 572. Giants and small family firms, members of global corporations and independent, big names and more modest ... But they all mark their products with proud words Swiss Made, and this in itself is a guarantee of quality.

One such company is Delbana, now based in the Swiss commune of Lengnau (canton Bern). She was born in 1931 in another Swiss town - Grenchen.

Origin: exotic

The founder of the company was named Goliardo Della Balda, he was originally from San Marino - a dwarf republic on the Apennine Peninsula, surrounded on all sides by Italy. In the early 1920s, this young man moved with his family to Switzerland. They were looking for a better life, and this, among other things, according to Goliardo, included a good Swiss watch. At home they were not available to him, but in Switzerland everything worked out: Della Balda worked hard, studied watchmaking and eventually not only realized his dream, but also created his own watch company.

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Its sonorous name, Delbana, is an anagram of the founder's surname, the corporate colors are reminiscent of the national flag of San Marino, and the tower from the same flag became the logo. By the way, where did the character of Dovlatov, the Leningrad blacksman of the 1960s, take the crosses from? One can only guess: it was probably then that Delbana models with the image of Swiss state symbols were in great demand.

So, in 1931 in the town of Grenchen, not far from Bern, the Delbana company was founded. By the way, watchmaking has been going on in Grenchen since 1851, so the location was well chosen. And as a credo of the Della Balda brand, he chose the production of watches of such a price level, which was available to him himself in his poor young years, but at the same time truly Swiss in quality.

The clock is a friend of man!

The business was going well. The company has created pocket and wristwatches in a variety of styles, including models for aviators and sports chronographs. There were also serious design achievements: for example, for the 25th anniversary of the brand, the Voltige collection appeared with a "braided" ring element on the dial connected to the second hand. The rotation of this ring makes a strong impression and reminds that time is movement!

The hits of the 1960s were sets from Delbana - a pair of watches, some for women, others for men. The production of classic, sports, daily models also continued. The total production volume exceeded 100 thousand per year! And the principle of the founder of the brand has always been observed: luxury must be of high quality and affordable. "For your money - the best!" - this is the slogan of the brand. At the same time, the company continued to come up with and implement innovations, including such as special self-winding systems. And in the 1970s, the development of diving theme: Delbana watch was released with water resistance up to 200 meters.

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A crisis. Overcoming

The 70s of the twentieth century marked the beginning of tremendous changes in the world watch industry. The massive entry of quartz movements into the forefront seemed to mean the death of the traditional watchmaking industry. Either the companies that adequately responded to the challenge of the times, or the brands that had sufficient - very considerable ones - managed to survive this crisis! - reserves of funds, time, patience ... Delbana has gone through an era of turmoil, retaining its basic principles.

In the late 1970s, the first electronic watches of the brand with digital display saw the light, but the company did not abandon the mechanics either. Overcoming the crisis was helped, among other things, by an excellent instinct: for example, the company reacted successfully to the resumption of fashion for three-piece suits with another "retro" - the release of pocket watches of a vintage character.

At the end of the century, another trend was subtly captured - spectacular (and still affordable) Delbana models appeared on steel bracelets, with various link configurations, with gold or two-ton, as well as ladies' models with jewelry trim.


Now the company, which has moved, as already mentioned, to Lengnau, produces both mechanical and quartz watches, for men and women, with various complications - calendars, chronographs, etc., for various purposes, of various styles. Delbana celebrated its 90th anniversary with the release hommage Recordmaster watches, which were popular in the 1950s. Limited edition - only 90 (according to the number of years in the history of the brand) copies.

Delbana's modern products include three main families of watches - Classic, Sports and Dress, and they, in turn, are subdivided into a fairly large number of collections and series.

Some of the models are:

Retro Moonphase (Classic family, ref. 42601.646.6.064). Quartz movement Ronda R-706.B - hours, minutes, seconds, full calendar (date, day of the week, month), moon phases. IP-coated steel case in yellow gold, diameter 42 mm, thickness 12,3 mm, water resistance 30 m. Silver dial, luminescent hands, sapphire-coated mineral glass, leather strap.

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The Classic family also includes chronographs and three hands.

Delbana 42601.646.6.064

Locarno (family Classic, ref. 53601.714.6.142). Quartz movement Ronda 515 - hours, minutes, seconds, date, day of the week. Rose gold partially IP plated steel case, diameter 41,5 mm, thickness 11,6 mm, water resistance 50 m. Green Sunray dial, luminescent hands, sapphire crystal, leather strap.

Also available in other colors (blue, black, silver, etc.).

Swiss watches Delbana 53601.714.6.142

Barselona (Sports family, ref. 54702.674.6.031). Ronda 3540.D quartz movement - hours, minutes, seconds, date, chronograph. Steel case with black IP coating, diameter 44 mm, thickness 12 mm, water resistance 100 m. Black dial, tachymeter scale, luminescent hands and markers, sapphire crystal, steel bracelet.

Also available in uncoated versions with a silver dial and leather strap.

Swiss wrist watch Delbana 54702.674.6.031 with chronograph

Mariner (Sports family, ref. 41701.716.6.036). Quartz movement Ronda 515 - hours, minutes, seconds, date. Steel case with partial IP coating, diameter 42 mm, thickness 10,9 mm, water resistance 100 m.Black dial, luminescent hands and markers, sapphire crystal, steel bracelet.

Various dials as well as Mariner chronographs.

Swiss watches Delbana 41701.716.6.036

Paris (Dress family, ref. 41611.591.1.519). Ronda 763-2 quartz movement - hours, minutes, seconds. Steel case, diameter 38 mm, thickness 8,5 mm, water resistance 50 m, decorated with Swarovski crystals. Mother-of-pearl dial, sapphire-coated mineral glass, leather strap.

And a number of options with other colors.

Swiss watches Delbana 41611.591.1.519

Scala (Dress family, ref. 41711.609.1.510). Ronda 762-1 quartz movement - hours and minutes. IP-coated steel case and bracelet, case diameter 28 mm, thickness 7 mm, water resistance 30 m. Swarovski crystals (79 pieces) adorn the case and dial. Mother-of-pearl dial, sapphire-coated mineral glass.

Other versions also available (uncoated, blue dial).

Swiss watches Delbana 41711.609.1.510