Limited Edition G-SHOCK GWF-A1000APF-1AJR Inspired by Poison Frogs

Wrist Watch

G-SHOCK is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the iconic Frogman with a limited edition GWF-A1000APF-1AJR watch. The color scheme of the model is inspired by poisonous frogs (dart frogs) from South America, as indicated by rich shades of blue and red, alternating with black stripes. Other iconic additions include a strap that shimmers in different colors when you change the viewing angle, and an exclusive “30th Frogman” engraving on the case back.

The watch has an anti-magnetic, shock-resistant and waterproof design. Plus - Tough Solar, the possibility of Bluetooth synchronization and Multi-Band 6.

Approximate cost — 1 044 USD


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