Infantry Warrior wristwatch: sky infantry from Hong Kong

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First of all, let's clarify the title. Why "air infantry"? Yes, it’s very simple: the word “infantry” is translated into Russian precisely as “infantry” (remember, for example, the ancient military rank “infantry general” - this is precisely an infantry general). “Heavenly” because the passion of the young Hong Kong company is aviation (military at that), and the dominant style of their watches is pilot’s.

The Infantry brand was founded by designer Jason Wei in 2011. Jason was born in Hong Kong (now only 39 years old), studied in Canada under the government's Royal Canadian Air Cadet program, then graduated from York University in Toronto, after which a burning interest in watches was added to his passion for aviation. He offered his design ideas to many watch companies (mainly Chinese), but eventually created his own company.

Today, Infantry has distributors in more than 30 countries and has sold more than a million watches.

We are talking about one of the characteristic Infantry models – the Warrior watch, ref. MOD47-FC-06-C.

First impression

However, let's start with not even the first impression, but, one might say, zero. Well, a black box made of thin cardboard... somehow not very good...

However, this zero impression turned out to be deceptive! Because inside the cardboard there was a completely different box: made of composite, also black and clearly of high quality. And most importantly - executed in a configuration that definitely resembles an ammunition box! Military style at its finest!
On the lid is the brand name and its slogan “The awakening has begun.” On one of the ends there is again the brand name and a background image of an eagle with outstretched wings.

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The name is also present on the opposite end, and here it is full (Infantry Watch Co) and is accompanied by the words “Tactical gear”, as well as an indication of the water resistance of the case “WR 100/300 ft”.

Already inside this “projectile box” is the watch itself on a pad, plus an instruction manual and a warranty card.

Overall, so far so good! Let's move on to the model.

Mechanism, functionality

Here we have a three-pointer (undated) powering the automatic Seagull caliber TY2809. Initially, Infantry used quartz, but soon switched to classical mechanics, and now Seagull is installed in most of their models.

The TY2809 is skeletonized and impeccably finished, and there should be no doubt about the quality of construction and execution. The times are long gone when prejudices against Chinese products were somehow justified... And with good reason, the TY2809 self-winding rotor is engraved with the “AAA” marking, indicating compliance with the highest quality standards. Note that the cost of the caliber is extremely competitive. The TY2809 rotor is also engraved with the movement's country of origin (China) and the number of jewels (21).

Other characteristics include 21600 vibrations per hour, movement diameter 31 mm, thickness 5,18 mm, Incabloc shockproof system, claimed power reserve of 36 hours. This is not enough, but we will check it on a specific sample, as well as the accuracy of the move.


It is made of 316L stainless steel, complemented by black PVD coating and has an octagonal shape. Diameter 47 mm (hence the MOD47 reference), thickness 16 mm, water resistance (as already mentioned) 100 m - even a downed pilot can swim. Everything is very brutal! And what’s most important is that the letters MOD in the reference mean the modularity of the design: the case itself (with all the “stuffing”), the bezel and the face plate are easily interchangeable! According to the manufacturer, special devices are not even required to quickly change the appearance of the watch... However, it turned out that there is a degree of exaggeration in this statement - you still cannot do without a thin watch screwdriver.

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Our model is equipped with a case front plate and a silicone strap with a classic clasp (which, despite all its masculinity, is soft - almost to the point of tenderness) in khaki color.

Let’s also mention the grooved, quite comfortable crown, sapphire crystal (a sign of a top-class model) and complete comfort on the wrist with the assembled watch weighing 157 g.

The back cover is transparent, and on its steel part there are markings of both a technical nature (including the name of the Revolution family, which includes the Warrior line), and marketing (the aforementioned brand slogan about awakening and the command “March on” - something like “step by step”) march").

Clock face

The Infantry Warrior is a skeleton, like most models of the brand and, in particular, the Revolution family, which includes our sample. Through the two-level dial, as well as through the transparent case back, the working mechanism is clearly visible.

The most important thing is the clearly defined pilot style: large numbers “12”, “3”, “6” and “9”, massive hour markers and skeletonized hands. Everything is luminescent. It literally burns in the dark, even if you read it in this light!

Express test results

The measured accuracy of the movement turned out to be beyond praise: within 4 hours the watch moved forward by only 2809 seconds. Although caliber TYXNUMX is not COSC certified, this piece confidently meets the requirements for such a certificate.

As for the power reserve, the model, manually wound by forty turns of the crown and left alone, stopped after 46 hours and 23 minutes. This is significantly more than stated (see above - only 36 hours), which, we admit, not only pleased us, but also made us somewhat wary - not in relation to the watch in question and its mechanism, but to the documentation published by the manufacturer of the mechanism.
Anyway. It would be much worse if these characteristics turned out to be overestimated.

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We looked at a model that was definitely masculine (both in size and appearance). The style is definitely pilot style, and not civilian, but military. At the same time, the watch is more than suitable for both everyday wear (including in a big city) and for use in extreme (or close to it) conditions. It’s not for nothing that the phrase “heavenly infantry” is associated with airborne troops!

And the last thing is about the cost of the watch and its quality: a price within 500 euros seems like a gift. Which, however, is natural for modern Chinese products.

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