M2Z-200-004 watch overview

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Today on the review is a watch from the Italian company M2Z. The brand, one might say, is piping hot - all of its social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) were registered in March 2022. If you turn to the official site, then you get the impression that it is damp and created in haste:

  • there is no information about the brand itself;
  • there is very little technical information;
  • the clock itself is represented by only a couple of render images.

But the site is fixable. The main question is, did the watch turn out to be the same raw, released in a hurry?

The assortment of the M2Z brand so far has only one model, released in eight colors. There are both bright and more restrained (if this word can be applied to this watch) options. When I first met, I was hooked on three color options, from which I chose:

  • completely blue - probably the most beautiful;
  • black with gold - the most restrained;
  • completely gray - the winner in the nomination of watches for review.

Interestingly, only these three models have one difference. The tip of the second hand is painted in the colors of the Italian flag, which definitely adds charm to the watch (other models of the line have just two-tone stripes). And for some reason it seems to me that they will be the most popular and popular.

The first thing you pay attention to when studying the characteristics and getting to know the watch is the all-metal case (monocoque). The considerable overall dimensions of the watch are most likely due to this particular feature, since the case is “turned” from a single piece of metal. Such a case does not have a back cover, the mechanism is installed from the side of the glass, which can be visually seen in a short video from the site.

On the one hand, this is a plus, less likely that moisture can get into the watch. On the other hand, this complicates subsequent maintenance, possible repairs and imposes additional responsibility on the manufacturer.

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The watch must be well adjusted from the factory for accuracy (if it becomes necessary to make an adjustment, the watch must be completely disassembled and the mechanism removed).

On the back of the watch there is a raised circle painted in the colors of the Italian flag. Visually, it looks like a compartment for quick battery replacement. But since the watch is automatic, the thought creeps in that perhaps this is a technological hatch. On a detailed examination on one side, between the case and this circumference, you can find a small notch, for which the nail easily clings, and, accordingly, the watch tool. If this is really a hatch, then the design of the monocoque body loses all meaning ...

In general, the watch case is a continuous set of contradictions:

  • monocoque design, but with a possible hatch on the reverse side;
  • The PVD coating is not only on the outside of the watch, but also on the back, where the watch is in constant contact with the hand. The manufacturer claims that this is an "A" grade coating. I do not know what this means, but I am sure that even it will not save you from rapid wear and tear;
  • The large overall dimensions of the watch are complemented by a convex reverse side, which on the hand creates the effect of a swaying ball.

The next feature of the watch is the protection of the crown. From above, it has protection in the form of an influx in the case, but from below it is covered by a special cap with a mount on the lower right bow of the watch. M2Z are not innovative in this regard: I can think of about a dozen manufacturers who used various types of crown protection. But here a very original design is used, which looks elegant and is undoubtedly the main highlight of the watch.

In confirmation of my words, the manufacturer additionally focuses on it, highlighting it with a separate color. Specifically, in our case, the color of the cap differs from the color of the hands and the twelve-hour mark, which does not look as harmonious as in the rendered images. The cap itself is made of painted aluminum, so the appearance of deformations and scratches on it is a matter of time. In the latched position, it has a slight play, but it is fixed securely. Spontaneous reclining is almost impossible.

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At the end of the crown there is a company logo, which is hidden most of the time by a cap. The decision is non-standard - most manufacturers bother to brand this watch element on far from all of their models.

Let's turn to the general line of watches and note that the dials have three types of textured patterns:

  • wave pattern with clear edges and small steps;
  • wave pattern with noise effect and large step;
  • diverging rays "Sunburst".

All options are interesting and beautiful in their own way. Well designed, detailed and have a deep structure. It would be nice if the manufacturer added the option to choose textures and colors, but so far there are only eight fixed options.

Let's get back to the watches we're looking at. The dial is a beautiful gray hue, which, depending on the lighting, plays from light gray to dark graphite. In general, you can write a separate review about the dial and its design. I really like how the manufacturer links the individual elements of the clock with one color:

  • in red - arrowheads, twelve-hour mark, date window frame and crown protection;
  • in gray - hour markers, bezel insert and silicone strap;
  • colors of the national flag - the tip of the second hand, the inscription "Designed in Italy", a technological hatch on the back.

Complementing all this beauty are two-tone hands of an interesting skeletonized shape. Depending on the movement of the hand and the lighting, the hands beautifully reflect the light, lighting up in turn, like a neon advertisement.

Taking into account the overall style of the watch, you would not expect to see a light accumulator in them. However, M2Z surprised us here too - the lume is present both on the marks and on the hands themselves. Yes, even if it is not bright and the glow time is short, but it is there.

I wouldn't mention the pleasant silicone strap separately if it didn't have a connection with one of the elements of the watch. The bezel tab is made of the same material as the strap itself.

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In conclusion, I want to say that everyone will see in this watch what he wants:

  • someone will say that this is an impractical watch that does not have the right to life;
  • someone will see the watch design, attention to detail and overall style;
  • and someone like me will see it all together.

I see the scenario for using this watch as follows - this is a watch for a leisurely summer walk. When there is no need to cover your hands with the sleeves of a shirt or sweater and, accordingly, the size of the watch no longer plays a big role. When there is no need to rush anywhere, and at the end of the road a cozy place awaits with relaxing music and pleasant drinks. When all the household fuss fades into the background and all the impractical aspects of the clock become unimportant.