Swiss wristwatch Mathey-Tissot H1886CHATAN - a meeting of traditions and innovations

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The brand was founded by Henri Mate-Tissot in 1886 in Château-de-Fonds (Switzerland) and quickly became famous for its high-quality watches that were distinguished by their precision and durability. Currently, Mathey-Tissot is part of The Swatch Group, which is considered one of the largest watch manufacturers in the world. The Mathey-Tissot brand produces many different models for men and women.

One of the most iconic and recognizable watches of the brand is the Mathey-Tissot H1886CHATAN. They represent the epitome of luxury and sophistication, combining classic design and modern technology. In this review, we will look at the main characteristics and features of the Mathey-Tissot H1886CHATAN watch.

Packaging and delivery

The mechanical Swiss watch Mathey-Tissot H1886CHATAN comes in a very interesting package, which consists of several elements. The first is a soft cardboard dust jacket with the Mathey-Tissot logo printed on it. The second element is a wooden box with a retractable lid, which also has the brand logo. The third element is a cardboard box, which, like all the others, contains the information: Mathey-Tissot, Swiss made since 1886.

Inside the box, on an eco-leather pad, there is a Mathey-Tissot H1886CHATAN mechanical watch. In addition to the watch, the delivery package includes a warranty card and an international warranty card.

Design and appearance

The watch case is made of 316L stainless steel, a high-quality material widely used in watch manufacturing. This steel has gained wide popularity due to its high properties of strength, corrosion resistance and aesthetic appearance. Moreover, this material has low reactivity and tolerates contact with skin well, which is especially important for watches, since they are worn on the wrist.

The dial is protected from external influences by sapphire crystal. Many people mistakenly believe that this is natural glass, but this is not the case. Sapphire glass is a material that consists of an artificially grown sapphire crystal, which is one of the hardest materials on Earth. Sapphire crystal has several advantages over other materials used to make watch crystals.

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Firstly, it has a high degree of strength and scratch resistance. This means the glass will look new and flawless for many years to come.

Secondly, sapphire crystal has high transparency, which allows you to see the dial and watch movements more clearly and clearly.

Third, it is UV resistant, which prevents it from yellowing and fading. With all these advantages, this glass has one big drawback - sapphire glass is more fragile than other materials (for example, mineral glass).

Here we have a classic watch in a simple case. The case diameter is 42 mm and its thickness is 13 mm. The dark blue dial contains two additional small dials. Both are related to the operation of the chronograph. One of them (top) allows you to count the minutes, the second (bottom) informs us about the recorded number of hours.

In addition, on the dial, at three o'clock, there is an aperture displaying the day of the week and the current date (which is rare). The silver hour markers are quite long. The markers at "3", "6", "9" and "12" are marked with Arabic numerals. Between the hour markers there are small droplets, which are also silver in color.

At nine o'clock is the Mathey-Tissot logo, and at six o'clock is the proud inscription "Swiss Made".

Breguet hands, which can sometimes be called Pomme Hands, help us get information about the current time. This model uses hour, minute and chronograph hands.

On one of the sides you can see two mechanical chronograph buttons with cam switching; between the buttons there is a knurled crown with a visible company logo.

On the opposite side is the date “1886”.

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The back surface contains information that this is a watch from a limited collection; here we also see the serial number, as well as an inspection window through which you can admire the Landeron 77 movement.

The strap is a leather strap with a slightly modified butterfly clasp. The clasp has two folds and opens and closes with a button. The outer part of the strap is painted black and stylized as crocodile leather, the inner surface is light in color. Surprisingly, there is no information on the strap indicating that it is made of genuine leather. This is implied a priori.

More functional features and general impressions

The heart of the Mathey-Tissot H1886CHATAN watch is the Landeron caliber 77, developed by the Swiss company Landeron Swiss Movements. The Landeron caliber 7 has a diameter of approximately 30 mm (13.25 ligne) and a height of 7.5 mm. It operates on 27 jewels and has a vibration frequency of 28 vibrations per hour. The caliber is equipped with a column-wheel chronograph mechanism that provides smooth and precise stopwatch timekeeping. This caliber has a quick date setting function, making it easy to set. It can provide up to 800 hours of battery life from a single plant.

The smoothness of the second hand is at a very decent level; when looking at it, sometimes you get the feeling that we are looking at a quartz watch with a smooth movement, and this is worth a lot.

The positioning of the hands relative to the hour markers is not satisfactory.

An excellent combination of colors, a large dial size, and proper spacing of additional dials ensure good readability of the time, date and day of the week, while reading the chronograph readings is not as easy as we would like.

I would like to say a few words about clock management. If everything is clear with the chronograph and no difficulties arise, then some users may wonder how to set the date and day of the week? In fact, everything here is also very simple. Turning the crown in one direction is responsible for changing the date, rotating the crown in the opposite direction is responsible for adjusting the day of the week.

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As for protection from moisture, of course, it is provided here. We are talking about protection according to the 50WR standard. This standard does not mean that it is completely waterproof, but rather that the watch is protected from splashes and short-term immersion in water up to a depth of 50 meters (in laboratory conditions). That is, the watch will not be damaged by contact with water in everyday situations (washing hands or taking a shower), but is not suitable for long periods of diving or scuba diving.

The watch has medium overall dimensions and relatively low weight, which has a positive effect on ease of use. When wearing this model throughout the day, your hand does not get tired.
As for the accuracy of the move, everything is according to the classics. On average, deviations per day are about 5-10 seconds, which is quite normal for automatic chronograph watches. The battery life when fully wound reaches 45 hours.

Mathey-Tissot H1886CHATAN can hardly be called a universal watch that will suit almost any style of clothing. This model goes well with a formal business suit, a shirt with an ironed collar, etc., and they will also look good with American style (crumpled jeans and a T-shirt).


Overall, the Mathey-Tissot H1886CHATAN is a quality, stylish and elegant Swiss watch with a classic design. Its high-precision self-winding movement ensures accurate time display, while the stainless steel case and sapphire crystal protect the watch from damage. Particularly impressive is the range of additional features that the H1886CHATAN offers.

The Mathey-Tissot H1886CHATAN is an excellent choice for those who value reliability and style, and are looking for a high-quality, elegant watch with additional features. It should be noted that the price of this watch may be a little high for some buyers.