Mathey-Tissot H903RNM watch: bicolor with GMT

Wrist Watch

Mathey-Tissot is an independent brand. For more than a century of history, the Swiss manufacturer never joined the large concerns that absorbed watch companies one by one for many years (especially during the crisis years, when the ruin and consignment to oblivion of large and small manufactories was in full swing). But Mathey-Tissot survived, remaining afloat.

Mathey-Tissot's life began in the Swiss town of Le Pont-de-Martel in 1886.
After the outbreak of the First World War, Mathey-Tissot became suppliers of watches to the American military, and met the Second World War as suppliers of watches to the American and British armies.
What’s noteworthy is that the company’s first impressive order was also related to watches for the military. 2 hours for soldiers and officers of the Scottish Army according to the concepts of the early 500th century is a huge number.
By the beginning of the XNUMXst century, Mathey-Tissot produces watches that can satisfy the requirements of both the most demanding customers and their opposites.

GMT: what time is it elsewhere?

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is the average solar time of the meridian passing through the former location of the Royal Observatory of Greenwich, located near the capital of Great Britain, London. What does this information have to do with watches? The most direct!
Clocks, as you know, serve to determine the time. But time is not the same everywhere. If it is noon in Moscow, then in Vladivostok, for example, 19:00. Therefore, at one time, watch engineers were puzzled by creating a watch that could show the time in another city.

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This is how the additional, fourth arrow was born. It is convenient for travel and for business. Knowing the time in the distant city where business partners live, you won’t miss a Zoom meeting. You can also use the additional hand as a 24-hour indicator, so as not to confuse day with night (necessary, for example, in Northern conditions).

As you understand, the watch, which will be discussed below, has a GMT function.

Design: we've seen this somewhere

Design, as you know, is a controversial thing. The Rolex Submariner look, which has become canonical and standard in the watch world, is used by many manufacturers. “Why not?” - that’s what Mathey-Tissot decided, so as not to stand out, and they also took aim at the famous look.

The case, whose appearance is described above, is perceived in size as a unisex model. Indeed, it is ideal for representatives of the fair half of humanity. Moreover, the model is made in a bicolor version.

The crown, the edges around the bezel and the central links of the bracelet are cast in gold color.

Bezel: assistant in displaying time

The bezel is made in the style typical of divers. That is, it turns in one direction, emitting smooth and light clicks. On its upper part there is a marking in the form of daily numbers. The functional purpose of the bezel is clear without words - to show the time of a different time zone. Naturally, the additional hand provides assistance, moving along with the hour hand.

The bezel insert is painted in two colors - night and day. In this case it is black and light brown.

About the watch face, magnifier and Jubilee

The dial is chocolate-colored, on which the contrasting light convex markers are not lost. The marks are accompanied by arrows. The GMT hand is colored red.
The magnifying glass above the date window was not invented yesterday. It allows you to see the number better. True, the magnification factor of the magnifying glass could have been made a little larger.

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The bracelet, as mentioned above, has yellow central links. The Jubilee bracelet is another wonderful invention of watch geniuses. It is not only beautiful, but also comfortable, easily wrapping around the wrist.

Mechanism: reliable and durable

The watch is equipped with a Swiss quartz movement Ronda 515 24h. This is a good and reliable option for daily use. If you consider that the mechanism operates for up to four years on a single battery charge, the expression “you can’t imagine anything better” suggests itself.