Both in feast and in peace: review of the Rodania R18041 watch

Wrist Watch

In the watch world there is the concept of tool watch. Initially, it meant a watch-tool that helps a person perform certain tasks. But modern realities are such that styles, concepts and names are being transformed and are now used not in the sense that was originally intended in them. This happened with tool watch.

Nowadays this definition is used for watches for all occasions, and it seems to me that the Rodania R18041 watch fits it perfectly. They look practical and beautiful, will suit different styles, and a set of characteristics will make them convenient for various use scenarios. In order not to be unfounded, let's take a closer look at the watch.

The design of the watch is interesting and recognizable due to its similarity with the model of a more famous brand. We must pay tribute to the Rodania company - they did not just copy the watch, but offered their own vision, refining it and making it more practical. In the watch you can see a mixture of styles, but it is done harmoniously and appropriately. There are elements typical of a diver's watch (rotating bezel and 200 m water resistance). There are distinctive characteristics of “aviators” (excellent readability and dial markings). But at the same time, the watch is most suitable for the role of a universal everyday tool.

Rodania R18041 received a case with a diameter of 43 mm and a thickness of 10 mm with a convenient and comfortable fit for everyday wear. The case has a combined treatment: the top part is satin-finished, the side edges and chamfers are polished. Unfortunately, against the backdrop of the case and massive protective elements, the crown with the “R” logo seems disproportionately small. At the same time, it does not cause any inconvenience in use.

The all-metal bezel features an engraved partial minute marker and radial satin finish. This once again speaks of the practical component of the watch. There are no painted metal inserts or elements that are easily scratched. In addition, if traces of use appear, they can be removed by light polishing followed by satin finishing. The bezel itself is unidirectional, with 120 clicks. In use it showed its best side - there are no backlashes, it turns with a pleasant effort, and is fixed clearly.

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In real life the dial is a little darker than in the photo. It is dark blue, turning to inky blue and even almost black. A blue tint can only be achieved in bright light (thanks to the Sunray effect). The beige indexes and hands look great against the dark dial, providing excellent legibility in any lighting conditions. In the dark, the indexes and hands glow a pleasant light green.

If you look for something to complain about, I would remove the inscriptions at the bottom of the dial (especially since they are completely duplicated on the back cover of the watch). There are also questions about the date on a white background, but since the watch is quartz and is positioned as an everyday watch, so be it.

The bracelet is massive with a combined finish. The size at the point of attachment to the watch is 22 mm, at the point of attachment to the clasp - 20 mm. The central part is polished, the side elements are satin-finished. The links adjacent to the body are stamped, but there are no backlashes or gaps, everything fits very well. The bracelet links themselves are cast, but the clasp is stamped. The push-button lock and optional diving bracket lock in place clearly and securely.

Rodania R18041 turned out to be very balanced. The practical components described above, along with the sapphire crystal, screw-down caseback and crown, are flawless. With a warranty period of 3 years (which can be further extended for another 2 years), the watch can be used both in the world and in the world without fear.

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