In Dubai, “Snoopy” Moonswatch sold out 4 hours before the official opening of the boutique

Wrist Watch

On March 26, sales of the new Moonswatch model began, the release of which was announced by Swatch a few days earlier. There were some incidents in Dubai that day.

The city's only Swatch store, located in the Mall of the Emirates, opened 4 hours earlier to avoid crowds. The result was that by 6:20 am all 20 copies were sold out.

As one of the guards reported, about 200 people crowded at the peak in front of the display case with the clock. Despite the security measures taken, there were fights. By 7:45 the store was closed.

It is unknown on what day to expect the new batch of watches to arrive, but, apparently, the boutique will reopen earlier on this day.

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