Tachymeter in a watch - what is it and how to use it?

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A watch is not only a beautiful accessory, but also a very useful device. In addition to accurate time, manufacturers equip watches with various complications that can help in everyday tasks. One of the oldest and still popular complications today is the chronograph, or watch with a stopwatch.

Men's watch Timex Intelliget Linear Chronograph T2P272 with chronograph:

Thanks to basic mathematical formulas related to time, many different parameters can be calculated, such as speed or distance. For example, if we measure a period of time on a stopwatch, knowing at the same time how much distance an object has covered during this time, then dividing the distance by time, we will obtain the average speed in the corresponding units of measurement. Some chronograph watches help you skip formulas and deliver immediate results. For this there is a tachymeter scale or tachymeter, based on a simple calculation.

Men's wristwatch Zeppelin 100 Years Zeppelin ED. 2. Zep-7674M2 with chronograph

Tachymeter or tachometer?

In Russian, the name for the function of measuring speed in a watch varies: some call it a tachometer, others call it a tachometer. To understand where the truth is, we turned to the Great Oxford Dictionary.

Tachometer - a device for measuring the rotation speed of machine parts and mechanisms (especially in a road vehicle), usually in revolutions per minute. Word tachymeter has several meanings, including the clock function.

So, it is the tachymeter in a watch that is a scale marked around the circumference on the case or dial.

Men's wristwatch Nautica NST 09 Multifunction Chronograph A16666G with chronograph

How to use?

We can calculate the speed of a pedestrian, a car or, for example, an airplane at a given distance. The standard distance at which the scale is graduated is indicated on the dial (for example, base 1000, as on Zeppelin or base 1 mile). If there is no exact indication, then traditionally 1000 meters is taken.

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We press start of the chronograph at the moment when the object passes the starting point, and pause when it reaches the end point.

We look at the chronograph hand - and it just shows us the average speed on the route.

Men's wristwatch Guess Velocity W0599G2 with chronograph

Usually the tachymeter is one circle, which means it allows you to measure a speed of at least 60 km/h. But some manufacturers are thinking about both pedestrians and cyclists, applying more complex coaxial scales, each corresponding to the second, third, etc. revolution of the stopwatch hand, i.e. time intervals 60-120 seconds, 120-180 seconds and others.

Men's Swiss wristwatch 88 Rue Du Rhone Double 8 Origin Chrono 87WA120057 with chronograph

Now, when driving the kilometer posts along the road, do not forget to use your chronograph. Having pressed the button on the first and finished measuring on the second pillar, estimate how much time you will need for the remaining journey. Now you can call your colleagues and delight them with the exact time of your arrival.