Watches & Wonders 2024: the most complex watch in the world

Wrist Watch

Vacheron Constantin has surpassed its own world record by presenting the world's most complicated watch at Watches & Wonders. According to the company, the main achievement implemented in the model Les Cabinotiers - The Berkley Grand Complication with 63 complications was “a perpetual calendar based on traditional Chinese timekeeping. The in-house caliber 3752 is mechanically programmed to operate without further adjustment until 2200, which, given the complexity and irregularity of the Chinese calendar cycle, makes it a true engineering marvel.”

In Les Cabinotiers – The Berkley Grand Complicatio, Vacheron Constantin craftsmen have embodied the entire spectrum of the most complex watch functions: “from astronomical complications and the striking mechanism with the Westminster carillon (reproducing the melody of the bells of London's Big Ben with the help of 5 gongs and 5 hammers, complemented by an alarm clock) to a three-axis armillary tourbillon, chronometric complications and time display in several time zones.”

The understated aesthetic of the elegant Les Cabinotiers – The Berkley Grand Complication in white gold deserves special mention, harmoniously complementing the technical complexity and uniqueness of the model.

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