Wristwatch Thomas Sabo WA0349-201-203-42: bold and bold!

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As soon as I picked up this watch, I felt the spirit of adventure, exploration and adventure. Apparently, it’s not without reason that the line, which includes Thomas Sabo WA0349-201-203-42, is called Spirit.

But still, to be a researcher, you need courage and audacity. And Thomas Sabo, with their original and interesting designs, has this in abundance! I'm excited to dive into learning about watches!


The German fashion brand Thomas Sabo appeared in 1984 and immediately began to gain popularity. It's all about the special, bold design of the jewelry, which many people liked! Since 2009, the company began producing wristwatches with the same recognizable design. The Thomas Sabo brand is represented in seventy countries.


• From lug to lug - 49.2 mm
• Diameter - 42 mm
• Thickness – 9.8 mm
• Weight - 104 g
• Movement – ​​Miyota GL30
• Glass – mineral with sapphire coating
• Water resistance - 50WR
• Functions - time (hours/minutes/seconds).


The appearance of the watch and its packaging, of course, can cause dissonance. How can such a beautiful and daring watch come in such a simple box? But the fact is that expensive packaging increases the cost of the watch. Here we have a simple white cardboard box with a window through which the watch itself can be seen. A reference sticker and company logo are included. Everything is simple, but tasteful.


The concept of the case is minimalism, which should not distract from the dial. On the thin and elegant welt we see the inscription “Thomas Sabo”, which runs around the circumference. On the right is a small crown with a black cabochon and graceful legs, slightly curved towards the bottom. I think that despite the diameter of 42 millimeters, there should be no problems with fit even on wrists from seventeen centimeters.

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The screw-down back cover contains all the necessary information.


I love Milanese bracelets. And the bracelet on this watch is beyond praise. In profile it is quite wide, which adds some brutality to the rather elegant body.

There is a logo on the clasp. The only negative is the lack of quick-release pins. But will anyone want to change this beautiful bracelet?

Clock face

Now we have come to the pearl of this watch, a dial that will definitely attract attention. The pattern on the dial is complex and incomprehensible at first glance. But as soon as you look a little more closely at the interweaving of lines, you can see two types of patterns (from squares and circles) in black and silver, which are in perfect harmony with each other.

Let's pay attention to the applied silver-colored markers and the main highlight of the dial - the applied compass rose, which makes the dial look like a compass, necessary for all adventurers and explorers!

By the way, the rays of the compass rose have a facet in the center, thanks to which the light plays very beautifully on polished surfaces.

The arrows follow the shape of the rays of the compass rose, which is why they merge a little with them (which impairs readability). But I think this watch is not about ease of reading, but more about design and shockingness!


The watch is powered by the reliable Miyota GL30 quartz caliber, which displays hours, minutes and seconds.

Caliber characteristics:

• Time.
• Accuracy - +/-20 seconds per day.
• Battery – 364.


Thomas Sabo's mission is to charm and delight people. So could this brand charm me? Let's figure it out in order!

• An excellent combination of a thin and elegant case with a slightly more brutal Milanese bracelet.
• The inscription with the brand name on the welt will definitely not let you forget that this is Thomas Sabo.
• Simply a gorgeous dial with many intersecting lines and at least three types of geometric shapes formed by them (circle, square and triangle). And, of course, the compass rose, which is the central element of the dial. She attracts attention and inspires you to go on adventures!

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Yes, Thomas Sabo WA0349-201-203-42 managed to charm me. They are beautiful and at the same time gracefully brutal. Amazing combination!

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