Aries stones: which are suitable for men and women of this zodiac sign


People who are at least a little interested in astrology and esotericism know that gems and natural minerals not only have aesthetic beauty, but also have specific properties. And each sign of the Zodiac has its own recommendations regarding the use of natural stones. Some minerals bring good luck, cheer up and can even cure some diseases, while others should be avoided.

How to choose the right mineral by your date of birth? Today we will look at recommendations for the first sign of the zodiac circle - for Aries.

The astrological year begins in March, when the fiery Aries comes into its own. This is a pure, primordial element of fire, capable of both serious destruction and creation. People born under this sign can consider themselves to be people whose birthday falls between March 21 and April 20.

People of pure fire are impulsive, impetuous, able to become pioneers and take a difficult task by storm.

But at the same time they can be somewhat aggressive, it is difficult for them to cope with routine tasks, to endure monotony.

Which stone is suitable for Aries women according to the zodiac sign

If you are an Aries girl, you are hard to miss. Wards of militant Mars always tend to be the center of attention. These are bright and active personalities who are not used to standing with a handkerchief against the wall. True, sometimes the beautiful representatives of this sign lack soft femininity. And some minerals can help strengthen it. By the way, girls most often pick up minerals not in their pure form, but as inserts into jewelry - earrings, pendants, rings and bracelets.

  • Emerald. This green gem, although considered a financial amulet, has other meanings in magic. In particular, it is perfect for women, as it helps to strengthen and preserve the family. And the fair sex - from time immemorial are the keepers of the hearth. Best of all, the stone is suitable for already married ladies, especially after the birth of their first child. But with girls and young girls, the emerald will not be able to fully reveal its potential.
  • Zircon. This natural stone is able to fill Aries with energy for his accomplishments, to keep him in good shape. It is best to choose shades of stone, suitable elements - orange, yellow, fiery. And by the way, zircon works well in rings and rings. It is best for young girls to choose transparent stones.
  • Garnet. The perfect stone for love. This rich red hue is the best suited for the wards of Mars. The mineral will help to find and recognize the very one, the only one that can bring happiness to the Aries girl.
  • Diamond. The best friend of all girls, according to one popular song, is not only an indicator of status and a jewel. Its magical properties make a diamond a natural amulet - the stone is able to protect its owner from the evil eye and damage, to give clarity of thought in difficult situations. True, it is also recommended to be worn by adults, married ladies.
  • Jasper Red. Useful for ladies who are actively engaged in their own business. This mineral will help you plan your time in such a way as to pay attention to both your favorite work and your family.
  • Amazonite. This stone not only has a positive effect on mood, but also enhances the natural charm and attractiveness of the representatives of the sign.

For girls, it is important that minerals not only protect against adversity and bring good luck. The stone should also match the outfit, the mood and, of course, be in harmony with the color of the eyes, hair, manicure or handbag. In general, jewelry with natural stones is not only a talisman, but also part of the image. It is not surprising that girls always have a large arsenal of minerals of different shades and different directions of action.

Choosing stones for Aries men according to the horoscope

Aries men - the true embodiment of strength and masculinity. Born leaders and commanders who know how to achieve their own goals and sweep away obstacles in their path. At the same time, one cannot but admit that Aries sometimes lack diplomacy and gentleness. Natural stones will help enhance the positive aspects of the character of the explosive Martians, and somewhat neutralize complex features.

  • Ruby - a good stone for Aries. It will help develop their leadership skills. Especially good for businessmen and managers of different levels.
  • green pomegranate will be a powerful amulet against encroachments on a man's life. This stone works well in the form of a pendant around the neck. Best of all - in silver.
  • Amethyst. A wonderful mineral for a real Aries. It is especially good for men, calming their natural rage and aggression. Improves mental abilities, gives inspiration, saves from reckless actions.
  • red garnet (almandine). Useful mineral for career growth and development. In addition, the stone is able to become an effective talisman in family life and relationships with the opposite sex.
  • Belomorite. A useful stone for those who lack composure and organization. The mineral will help restore order and streamline chaos both in your own thoughts and around. It will also help to analyze your own strategy, to find the source of problems.
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When choosing a talisman, it is important to proceed from the character of a man. Some need to cool their indomitable flame somewhat, while others, on the contrary, need help in unlocking their personal potential.

Best Gems for Aries by Date of Birth

You can consider not only the entire sign as a whole, but also start from a more accurate time of birth. So, you can divide the stones-amulets into three decades of the sign.

First decade (March 21-30).

  • jasper
  • hematite
  • quartz
  • eye of the Tiger
  • agate
  • cornelian
  • coil
  • amazonite
  • rhinestone

Second decade (April 1-11):

  • heliotrope
  • sardonyx
  • amber
  • cat's eye

Third decade (April 12-20):

  • sapphire
  • ruby
  • zircon
  • diamond
  • pomegranate

How to choose and wear a stone

What seemed easier? Pick what you like and wear it. But if you approach the issue thoroughly, then here you can derive a small algorithm:

  • First of all, it is necessary weed out contraindicated minerals and gems to the fire sign (at the end of the article we will tell you which stones Aries should avoid),
  • From the rest of the options, see which stones you need respondwhich you want to touch, hold in your hands.
  • Read about healing and magical properties selected minerals, clarify which ones you especially need in your life.

In what forms and types can you buy stones? Remember that some stones work better in jewelry, others work better in their pure form. And another question is, under what condition are the properties of the stone manifested - with constant contact with the body, when carried with you, or if you stand in a certain room. From here, make your choice:

  • Jewelry (earrings, pendants, brooches, bracelets, rings, hairpins),
  • Figurines and figurines,
  • massage rollers and gouache scrapers,
  • Pebbles (tumbling) and the so-called brushes (druze).

In figurines, it is good to choose minerals that protect the house, family hearth, your personal space. Stones in the form of pebbles or druses are pleasant to hold in your hands, put under your pillow, or use during meditation. Minerals are good in jewelry, which must be in constant contact with the owner in order to reveal their properties.

An interesting fact: if you choose minerals of warm shades, this will emphasize and enhance the character traits of Aries. If you take “cold” stones, then this will help muffle the negative traits of character, weaken them.

And more tips on wearing stones:

  • Do not wear at the same time too many different mineralsespecially if they are related to different elements.
  • With constant wear, it is important to periodically (at least once a month) clean stones under running cold water and charge them on a full moon under moonlight (it is enough to put them on the windowsill at night).
  • The best minerals work with a minimum limit.
  • Your stones should not be shared with other peopleeven if they are your loved ones. The amulet may not forgive such neglect and will cease to provide support.
  • If the amulet is intended to protect health, it is better to keep it out of sight.

If the mineral was given to you or you bought a stone jewelry from your hands, be sure to perform a water purification ritual before wearing it. Or you can put a stone in salt for a day or two. This will remove any possible negativity.

Minerals-patrons for children of the constellation Aries: boys and girls

In general, the same stones are suitable for children of the first sign of the Zodiac as for its adult representatives.

  • Sapphire in a silver frame will help you concentrate on your studies, not be scattered over trifles. It will teach you to think about your actions and analyze them.
  • Amethyst. This semi-precious stone is a very good mineral for children. It not only gives a good mood, but also maintains health, develops patience.
  • Coil. If the child is whiny and irritable, this stone will come in handy.
  • Jasper (yellow). It is very useful for schoolchildren, because it helps to concentrate and simplifies the development of knowledge. Good effect on the intellectual abilities of the baby.
  • snow obsidian. Ornamental stone increases inner harmony, balances. In addition, it creates an atmosphere for the child in which he learns with pleasure. It is also a good amulet against damage and the evil eye.
  • Hawkeye. Another powerful talisman against negativity. Protects the baby not only in reality, but also in a dream. For calm dreams of a child, a hawk's eye is often even sewn into a pillow.
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These are the main minerals that children need: protection from evil influences, health promotion and awakening of interest in learning and knowledge.

Gems for health

As you know, minerals have not only magical properties, but also healing. And there is a whole separate area of ​​alternative medicine - lithotherapy, which studies and uses these qualities of natural stones.

What minerals and how will help strengthen and maintain the health of fiery Aries?

  • Sapphire. As a suspension, it improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system, normalizes the heart rhythm. Upon contact with the wearer's body, it also improves the condition of the skin, relieving skin problems. Applying a stone to the eyes, or peering into it for a long time, you can remove fatigue.
  • Moonstone. Neutralizes the influence of the lunar cycle on the nervous system, normalizes sleep, relieves nightmares. In addition, the mineral calms and removes a bad mood, relieves fears. Lithotherapists claim that the moonstone has a beneficial effect on all internal organs.
  • Amethyst. This beautiful purple mineral also has something to offer the Martians. Firstly, the stone increases the body's resistance to the effects of alcohol, protects against toxic substances. Secondly, it has a good effect on the digestive system and improves blood circulation. Helps to resist infections and boosts immunity after illness. If you wear a stone in the form of jewelry all the time, it will calm the nervous system, relieve stress, and remove a headache.
  • Citrine. An excellent remedy for those who suffer from chronic fatigue. Also, the mineral relieves stress and improves the functioning of the endocrine system, has a good effect on brain activity. It gives peace of mind and uplifts the mood. Like moonstone, citrine is able to drive away bad dreams and normalize sleep in general. In lithotherapy, the stone is used for the speedy healing of wounds. Girls will also like this property of the stone - it is able to reduce appetite and improve metabolism. Citrine helps to remove toxins and toxins from the body.
  • Rhinestone. This seemingly simple mineral has very impressive properties. It helps to cope with diseases of the cardiovascular system, an indispensable assistant for varicose veins, prevents blood clots from forming. Known for relieving stress and headaches. It also helps to reduce the temperature and speed up the treatment of SARS.
  • Variscite. This relatively recently discovered stone also has a number of medicinal properties. Among those already studied - the normalization of sleep and getting rid of fears, calms the nervous system. Tones and invigorates. Aries are shown variscite to reduce aggressiveness and irritability.

Each natural mineral is unique in itself. For best results, these stones should be worn in contact with the body. And for some, there are also indications for specific areas or parts of the body.

For luck, luck and money

We all want to constantly be in happiness, catch luck by the tail and stand in the rain of money. And although we are well aware that usually you have to work hard for this yourself, why not add a little luck with the help of natural stones? What brings Aries happiness? What mineral will help lure financial flows?

  • The money stone for Aries is considered cornelian. It is useful to wear it in a gold cut. Protects its owner from financial problems and failures, attracts abundance to him.
  • Citrine. Another so-called money magnet. In itself, this yellow-colored mineral accumulates positive energy, which it shares with the owner. It increases the self-esteem of the owner and enhances his energy, attracts useful connections, helps to find non-standard solutions to issues.
  • Amber. An excellent talisman for those who want to attract well-being and prosperity to their home.
  • Pyrites. This is a great financial talisman for Aries men. True, walking with this mineral is worth no more than 2-3 days in a row. But it helps its owner to resolve material issues as quickly as possible.
  • Ruby - a lucky stone for Aries. Helps to achieve success in business, m
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But only natural stones that have absorbed the power of the earth and other elements have magical power. Artificially created minerals, for example, are only suitable for aesthetic admiration. They have no esoteric meaning.

Protective stones-amulets for Aries: from the evil eye and damage

The greatest demand at all times was for protective amulets that protect their owner from negative magical effects, from evil slander, damage and the evil eye. It was protection that most often puzzled magicians and sorcerers by petitioners of past centuries.

There are two main ways to protect yourself from such a disaster. First - active. These are all kinds of prayers, conspiracies and other actions. And here is the second one - passive. This just includes the wearing of talismans and amulets. These can be sachets with collected herbs, wooden amulets and, of course, natural stones.

Well, what minerals can protect Aries from the evil eye?

  • Agate. One of the most famous minerals in magic for protection from the evil eye. Its powerful energy will protect the owner from any unfriendly views, words and actions. It also removes evil spells and scares away evil spirits.
  • Diamond. But it suits people with a strong will who know what they want to achieve. For people with a strong character and core inside. Then he will reveal their potential to the maximum and become a faithful defender from negativity.
  • Moonstone. This beautiful stone has a serious power that can scare away any evil from the bearer of the talisman. For some, it is important that the mineral is a protector from black magic. The stone is most active, as you might guess, in the phase of the full moon. But it is important to understand that today a fake is often passed off as a moonstone. A real adularia (moonstone) has a noticeable weight. Also, natural stone has a heterogeneous structure, the effect of iridescence (bluish tint) is not constantly visible, but only at a certain angle.
  • Cat's Eye. This original color stone is able to protect its wearer from all sorts of diseases, stress, betrayal. You can wear it on yourself or keep it at home, and then its protection will extend to your entire home. It protects well from the evil eye and damage, it can collect all the negative in itself.

If you know for sure that someone was trying to influence you when they came home, immediately put the stone in salt or under running water. For prevention, as we have already noted, you can clean and charge minerals once a month.

What stones Aries can not wear

For each zodiac sign, all stones and minerals can be divided into three categories:

  • Perfect fit and reveal their potential
  • Neutral (they will not cause harm, but they will not show special properties),
  • The minerals that can harm.

Here's the last point we'll talk about. Of course, when choosing "your" mineral, it is important to rely on your own intuition and preferences. But it is better to avoid those that are directly contraindicated.

What stones can not be worn by fiery Aries?

  • Contraindicated stones symbolizing the element of water. These are minerals, predominantly of cold blue and blue hues. Putting on stones that are alien to their own nature, Aries can break the inner harmony.
  • Stones that are recommended to the children of Venus - Libra are not suitable for the wards of Mars. These are the minerals coral, malachite, beryl, opal.
  • Not worth wearing aventurine which is also able to aggravate the aggressiveness and temper of Aries.
  • Pearl too soft and feminine in nature, and can provoke internal conflict.
  • You don't have to choose either. black and very dark minerals shades green and blue - they do not correspond to the character of the first sign of the Zodiac.

By the way, no one says that you should only have one stone. Natural minerals have different properties that can be useful to you in a variety of life situations and at different times. But choose among those stones that suit you and evoke an inner response. The magical properties of natural gems are so multifaceted that you can always find suitable talismans for all occasions.