Stones for Cancers: which are suitable for men and women of this zodiac sign


To understand which stones are suitable for Cancers, you must first determine the personality traits of these representatives, their goals and life guidelines. By themselves, Cancers are sensitive natures. They can safely be called domestic people, and not adventurers. The element of Cancer is water, and the sign is ruled by the Moon and the Sun.

Cancer is an extremely emotional person, although it is unlikely that he will show at least half of his experiences even to the closest person. Representatives of this sign are prone to melancholy and frequent mood swings.

Distinctive features of Cancer: responsiveness, the ability to empathize and sympathize. This sign will never leave you in trouble, even if he is not in a particularly close relationship with you.

Cancers are people with an extremely developed parental instinct. Affectionate and soft, representatives of this sign see a strong family as the main goal of their whole life.

Representatives of this zodiac honor traditions and customs, so among them there are few people who love change. They do not forget the past, but, on the contrary, find their refuge in it and often fall into nostalgia, not noticing the present.

Cancerians are extremely careful with money: they know how to earn and save money, but the latter is due to their pessimism and expectation of problems.

Cancers are very individual and extraordinary individuals who often need a powerful amulet in order to achieve their goals quickly and without the slightest loss.

Amulets in the form of stones for Cancers are a series of minerals recommended by astrologers and psychics that have a beneficial effect on people born between June 22 and July 22, bring them good luck, prosperity, financial well-being, health and protect from troubles and life's difficulties. Each stone has its own characteristics and magical properties that positively affect a person, his character and energy. Let's try to deal with them today.

Which stone is suitable for Cancer women according to the zodiac sign

On the one hand, a Cancer Woman is a very calm and reasonable person who forgives a lot, but will never go against her principles and life goals. However, on the other hand, if such a lady is angry, then she will bite everyone in a row, without sorting out who is right and who is wrong. Everyone will receive, even those who were not particularly guilty.

Save the situation a stone called chalcedony. With such an amulet, the Cancer girl will be spared from bouts of melancholy, anger and aggression. And in the old days in our area there was a belief that chalcedony was able to attract the heart of a worthy young man to a girl. Therefore, it was very often used by unmarried ladies in order to find their soul mate and find happiness with him.

Very favorable effect on the Cancer woman pearl. The use of pearl products brings peace to ladies, calms the psyche, relaxes, tunes in to positive. Pearl beads will serve as a wonderful decoration and a talisman against evil people, envious people, gossipers, love spells and conspiracies.

Amethyst it is advisable to wear creative and extraordinary girls. A woman who has connected her life with art can realize all her plans with the help of this stone. Amethyst should only be worn as a ring. If the jewelry is made in a frame of gold, this will significantly increase its magical properties. The amulet will also have a positive effect on health. The longer you wear amethyst, the less problems with the nervous system will be.

Turquoise will bring confidence and success to its owner. If you want to become an entrepreneur and be a successful leader, then it is best for you to buy a pendant made from this stone. Cancer jewelry with turquoise will help to assert itself, become more expressive, confident, relaxed and capable of decisive action.

What stones are suitable for Cancer men according to the horoscope

It is necessary to approach the choice of a stone for a Cancer man with caution, since an incorrectly selected amulet will not only not emphasize the positive aspects of a man, but will also be able to reveal even more of his negative qualities.

Positively affects the Cancer man onyx. It gives strength and self-confidence. Daily use of the mineral is desirable for those people who are too shy and shy, not ready to commit responsible acts. Onyx provokes a person to worthwhile actions and achieve his goal. An amulet with this stone will make a man more determined, courageous and self-confident. Onyx is also perfect for people who are prone to pessimism. This stone can make such a person successful and psychologically stable.

Cancer men are very reserved and distrustful natures. They need an amulet that will make them more sociable and open.

A green stone has an excellent positive effect on Cancers emerald. This nugget will help a man get rid of isolation, stiffness, suspicion, distrust of himself and other people. The gem can make a person more interesting, diplomatic and attractive to other people. If it is difficult for a man to manage his emotions, then the talisman will teach him how to act correctly in a difficult situation. Emerald will calm a person at the moment when he is ready to flare up with anger. Men who wear jewelry with this stone are able to experience real joy from communicating with other people.

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Cornelian (another name is carnelian) is also considered a very powerful amulet for Cancer men. This mineral is able to maximize the talents of his chosen one, if a man is related to creativity. This stone is able to bring unprecedented success and good luck to its owner, protect against any negative impact and endow the owner with insight. It is said that carnelian can be used as a weapon against depression, as it will remove all negative thoughts and force you to find a way out of any situation.

Best Gemstones for Cancers by Date of Birth

crayfish, born in the first decade - from 21.06 to 01.07 - qualities due to the influence of the moon are inherent. Among these representatives there are many gentle, soft and sentimental natures, impressionable and a little closed in communication people. For them, amulets and jewelry with:

  • rock crystal;
  • aquamarine;
  • sapphire;
  • moonstone.

clear crystals rock crystal will strengthen the mental strength of the owner, giving him the opportunity to less succumb to external influences and his own emotions.

Sapphires saturated blue shades will not only be very popular with representatives of the first decade of Cancer, but will also help them overcome the natural feature of water signs - inertia, unwillingness to move against the current, excessive calmness and passivity.

Moonstone (selenite, adularia) and belomorite it is recommended to wear Cancer in those moments when you need to spend a lot of nerves and energy on solving life issues. Contemplation of the play of light inside a translucent mineral will give peace of mind if the nerves are tense due to some kind of trouble.

Influence of Jupiter on Cancers born in the second decade from 2.07 to 11.07, makes them enterprising, ambitious and powerful. For such people, green and golden crystals are suitable:

  • chrysolite
  • topaz;
  • chrysoprase;
  • amazonite.

Chrysolite will be able to reduce the owner's ambitions and will not allow recklessness, especially in the financial sector. Amulets and jewelry with such stones are best worn by those who are engaged in business, and the rest of Cancers do not particularly need such jewelry.

More suitable for Cancers with an exploratory vein green chrysoprase. These minerals will give confidence in their abilities, and can also be used as amulets that attract money.

A very good amulet will be the stone that was inherited by you.

Topaz will give Cancers diplomacy and openness, which sometimes this sign lacks so much. The stone is best worn as a ring or pendant around the neck. Best of all, the mineral will feel in gold.

Stone amazonite often confused with turquoise, as it has a green-blue color and does somewhat resemble a shade of turquoise. The Amazonian stone, as it was called in antiquity, got its beautiful name in honor of the famous Amazon River, in the area of ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXbwhich there are large deposits of this mineral. However, according to another version, the name of the nugget is associated with the Amazons - the legendary beauties and warriors. That is why this stone is considered the patron saint of warlike, brave and courageous people who do not stop at anything in achieving their goals.

Amazonite is not considered a gemstone, but it is extremely beautiful. The mineral can be worn by almost all Cancers - astrologically, the nugget is associated with the Moon and suits any character. However, the most effective stone affects people of the second decade. The gem helps to endure all the vicissitudes of fate, to defeat business competitors, to get along with all family members. An amazonite ring is best worn on the middle finger.

Born under the influence of the planet Neptune Cancers third decade (12.07 - 22.07) are considered creative individuals. They value family and friendships more than anything else. Crystals are suitable for them:

  • heliodor;
  • ruby;
  • solar amber.

Heliodor - a mineral of joy, happiness, harmony and fun. It is believed that the gem can be a talisman for charismatic individuals who need protection from external influences.

Bringing the life-giving energy of the sun, amber will revive the creative potential of the Cancer owner. And amber jewelry can stimulate brain activity, enrich the imagination.

Romantic natures are also suitable for fiery rubies. Giving warmth to the feelings of modest and restrained Cancers, crystals will make them the real soul of the company or gentle and passionate partners in relationships.

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Minerals-patrons for children of the constellation Cancer: boys and girls

It is better for children not to give amulets and jewelry made of expensive stones, since children's amulets are usually often lost, and if a huge amount of money was thrown into the product, it will become just insulting and unpleasant. If you are choosing a gift for a child, it is best to turn your attention to semi-precious natural stones. For small Crayfish recommended such a set:

  • jasper;
  • turquoise;
  • amber;
  • amazonite;
  • pearl.

Jasper - one of the most common minerals on the planet. It has been known to man since ancient times. Jasper owes its variegated color to the content of a large amount of impurities in its composition - from chalcedony to aluminum and iron oxides. It is they who form a huge variety of colors and patterns of stone. Jasper for Cancers is not suitable for any, but only brown. This stone helps in difficult times, helping to make the right decisions, and develops eloquence in their Cancers.

Turquoise also known to the world since ancient times. In ancient Egypt, figurines of the sacred scarab beetle were often carved from this gem. And this stone got its name in Persia. According to one version, it comes from the word "firuza", according to another - from "pyroz", which means "stone of happiness" and "victory", respectively. Both versions equally accurately emphasize the properties of turquoise - to give its owners happiness and success. Turquoise helps Cancers curb negative emotions. Moreover, she does this not only with the owner, but also with his opponents, thereby preventing quarrels and scandals. In addition, turquoise protects from a bad word and look.

It is best for children to buy amulets in the form of pendants on a chain, as any other types of jewelry are quickly lost.

Amber has a strong energy and provides Cancers with what they really need to replenish their protective field and move forward. It is believed that the sun stone has the ability to transmit cosmic energies, which can greatly increase the vitality of Cancer.

Amazonian the stone (amazonite) acts on children's energy very carefully, penetrating into the very depths of a small soul. A beautiful mineral harmonizes the energy field, creates a pleasant atmosphere of peace and constancy. The impact of the mineral strengthens family ties, inspires faith in high feelings. Astrologers recommend purchasing jewelry and products with Amazonites on your birthday. During this truly sacred period, you can give your Cancer an "Amazon stone", and he will fulfill his most secret and dreams.

Also suitable for Cancer babies pearls any color: white, blue, red, yellow and even black. Pearls help little Cancer build strong and happy family relationships. Beads protect from envy, protect from negative energy and protect from quarrels.

Gems for health

Healing stones for Cancers are:

  • beryl;
  • gray jet;
  • alexandrite.

Beryl strengthens the immune system of Cancer, and also protects it from viruses and bacteria. The mineral accelerates the process of wound healing, influences the synthesis of a number of hormones, regulates hematopoiesis processes and normalizes capillary permeability. Experts say that under the influence of this stone, the synthesis of collagen protein occurs, which is necessary for the growth of tissue cells, bones and cartilage of the body. Even for Cancers, this gem is useful for regulating metabolism, removing toxins, improving bile secretion, restoring the exocrine function of the pancreas and thyroid gland.

Remember: the longer you wear a stone, the greater the beneficial effect it has on your well-being.

In medicine, ornamental agate used as a good remedy for many diseases. The principle of treatment was as follows: jet plates were applied to the diseased part of the body on both sides. Between the plates there is something like a connection, and the radiation passes through the human body and has a beneficial effect on the internal organs or injured areas of the body. Therefore, the stone heals congestion of internal organs, the brain, tumors, nervous system, relieving a person from mood swings and outbursts of rage, anger, irritation.

Alexandrite. This stone is good to wear in two bracelets, tight-fitting earrings, two rings or rings that fit snugly to the surface of the fingers. On the index fingers, alexandrite helps against spleen, low tone, from a painful reaction to weather changes, migraines, from malfunctions of the skeletal system of the hands, colds, congestion, etc. On the middle fingers, the mineral saves if there is not enough energy pumping. Stones are worn on the ring fingers to improve mood, general mental and emotional state, intellectual activity, contact. On the little fingers, alexandrite helps to improve the state of the brain, relieve headaches, tension throughout the body, with poor sleep, irritability, with problems with the respiratory system, hearing and vision. On the thumbs, a nugget should be worn to control the nervous system, restraint, to improve the activity of the heart, circulatory and lymphatic systems, and excretory ducts.

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For luck, luck and money

The money stone for Cancers is emerald. This mineral is able to tune its owner to a real gold mine. The nugget will attract the right acquaintances, improve business turnover, introduce new partners, and develop creative and commercial veins.

Financial well-being can be asked from topaz и sapphires. These beautiful gems are also able to help a lot with material wealth. This will especially help those Cancers who already have ideas and potential for implementation. As for the color of the talisman, here you can choose the stone that you liked the most. There are no particularly strict recommendations.

A lucky stone for relationships and family is considered diamond. Moreover, both white and black diamonds are suitable for Cancers. These beautiful crystals are able to attract new relationships, if a person wants love, to set up harmonious relationships in marriage, if there is already a family, and also to break up with a person well and correctly, if there is no longer a need for a relationship, you don’t want to break them, but there’s nowhere to pull.

For love, real emotions, passions and wild pastime will help pink ruby и pomegranate. These stones will help you find what your soul so desires. However, remember that the storm in the head and heart passes very quickly and then you need to learn to live wisely and measuredly.

Remember that pink stones will bring love to Cancer, but bright red stones should not be worn for this sign.

True human happiness brings for a woman pearl. With this stone, any married lady will become softer, more accommodating, more compliant and more interesting for her husband. According to legends that came from the depths of centuries, pearls attract happiness and wealth to the owner. To people who are spiritually developed, he also attracts good luck.

In different countries, the magical properties of pearls are evaluated differently. Hindus consider it a talisman that brings prosperity and strengthens marriage. In China, it prolongs youth and increases the fertility of the land. In Europe, it is used as an amulet that prolongs life and protects from the evil eye and misfortunes. Calm looking at pearls contributes to peace, spiritual harmony and normalization of the mental state.

Protective stones-amulets for Cancers: from the evil eye and damage

For Cancer aventurine It is considered a stone that attracts joy and happiness to life, since this mineral protects its owner from evil people, hatred, anger, damage, the evil eye and other negative manifestations of the environment. Since ancient times, this nugget has been used by the strongest psychics and sorcerers, as it was believed that aventurine has colossal magical properties.

The stone helps to feel your strength and believe in them, inspires optimism, gives clarity of mind and good spirits. In India, it is believed that aventurine reveals and develops creative abilities in a person, activates mental processes and directs them towards creation. There is also an opinion that aventurine is able to enhance sensory perception, as well as engender mutual sympathy in people.

An excellent protective amulet from any kind of magic is considered citrine. He endows people who wear jewelry with citrine with wisdom, prudence, resistance to nervous and mental shocks and great intuition. In the days of Ancient Rome, it was believed that citrine makes memory stronger, more powerful, and enhances a person’s mental abilities several times. Jewelry with this mineral should be worn by people whose work is associated with communication with a large number of people: doctors, teachers, trainers, sellers, policemen, etc.

What stones Cancers can not wear

Since Cancer is a representative of the water element, iridescent transparent stones suit him. Stones of poisonous red or scarlet color or monotonously brown, blue are not suitable for Cancers in terms of energy, since such minerals have a negative effect on the representatives of this sign.

There are no strict statistics that would be scientifically confirmed. Therefore, science is not able to clearly distinguish stones that can and cannot be put on in any way.

However, when choosing a mineral for your amulets, remember that you need to take the stone that "looks at you." Even if you don't have any information or description on it. Experts say that a person intuitively copes better with the task of finding a talisman for life and a goal than any abstruse literature.