Scorpio stones: which stones are suitable for men and women of this zodiac sign


Scorpions by their nature are energetically very strong people who live by their own internal rules and obey few people. They love order, diligence, perseverance, they cannot stand weakness, laziness and deceit. And precisely because Scorpios are always very restless and enterprising, they spend a lot of emotions on their ideas, tasks and showdown with other people. It is difficult for such people to pick up one amulet or one stone that will fully cover all their energy costs, so experts recommend choosing different stones for Scorpions for different moments in life. So they will receive more support from their amulet, and they will have enough strength for everything that is planned.

Which stone is suitable for Scorpio women according to the zodiac sign

So, the best stones for girls and Scorpio women are:

Topaz и ruby, instructed in white gold, will help to cope with the characteristic skepticism of Scorpio, teach you to see the clues of fate, understand people and family more and develop strong intuition. Crystals will not let the Scorpio woman follow the lead of manipulators, liars, deceivers, conspirators. Also, these stones will help the fair sex to maintain youth, health and well-being throughout their lives.

The strongest love amulet for a Scorpio is a combination of rubies and diamonds. So, if you have met a life partner, then take a closer look at such decorations: you may need to get helpers for your grandiose plans.

Stone sapphire will help the Scorpio woman to get rid of the burden of the past, since the representatives of this zodiac sign cannot let go of the events in their lives for a long time if the woman experienced severe emotional stress in the past. The gem will let go of various disturbing thoughts that poison the life of the owner. And sapphire will also make its mistress a little more compliant, smooth out her overly harsh character, help to establish contact with people around her, and extinguish outbursts of emotions and anger that sometimes happen.

Beautiful amethyst will help the Scorpio woman better manage her emotions. This talisman is able to develop wisdom and will improve the analytical abilities of the brain. It should be remembered that Scorpio amethyst can only be worn in silver, otherwise the stone will lose all its magical properties.

Crimson red or scarlet garnet will increase the attention of the Scorpio woman, thoughts and intentions will become clear and pure. And also the gem will help well with health issues. Brown, yellow or green garnets for this sign are considered love stones. They will attract an excellent companion into life and establish good relationships in the family.

Concerning pearls, then it is better for Scorpios to wear mother-of-pearl of a dark shade. He will help his mistress in those moments when it will be extremely difficult for her, for example, during illnesses, difficulties in the family, during a divorce, or at times of great changes at work. White mother-of-pearl can be worn, but he will not have a huge impact on his Scorpio.

Best help for Scorpions black diamonds. These stones bring good luck, contribute to financial well-being, attract money to business, and will help in moving up the career ladder.

Choosing stones for Scorpio men according to the horoscope

Representatives of the stronger sex are best suited for this list of stones:

  • topaz;
  • beryl;
  • emerald;
  • black brilliant;
  • black opal.

As a talisman young young scorpionswho have not yet gained prudence, experience and wisdom, a stone will be useful topaz. This mineral will help restore emotional balance, give wisdom, maximally weaken the inconsistency of character, stubbornness, excessive self-confidence dangerous in dealing with various people, and also enhance the insight and healthy curiosity of its owner. Topaz will be able to help Scorpio find his way, improve in different directions and better know himself and the world around him. An amulet with a stone will direct the energy of your Scorpio towards development, take you away from mood swings, nervous breakdowns and stress.

Male scorpions are merciless careerists who always crave power and submission. A sapphire amulet can help them in this.

Blue or green beryl more suitable for the already mature Scorpio. The stone will free the owner from accumulated negative emotions, will help control outbursts of anger, bad mood, aggression. The talisman will enhance the feeling of compassion, concern for others, will not let anyone harm. And in work, the stone will restrain its owner, when he once again, in order to achieve his lofty goals, intends to bravely go over the heads of the people around him.

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Emerald - a great gift for a Scorpio man. If a representative of this sign has a sharp need for approval, help, understanding, then the stone will easily help him in this. He will force the Scorpio to take his mind off his problems and rest a little inside himself in order to gather strength for the further fight.

black opal will help Scorpio to feel his power, find hidden resources to complete the tasks, help strengthen the strength and health of the owner, restore internal wounds, awaken determination and willpower, protect from envious people, liars and enemies.

Best Gemstones for Scorpios by Date of Birth

Scorpions can be divided into decades into three groups:

  1. from 24.10 (October) to 2.11 (November);
  2. from 3 to 13 November;
  3. from 14.11 to 22.11.

Scorpions first decade are under the protection and patronage of the planet Mars. These are self-confident and sometimes even selfish people who always lack warmth and friendly communication. Amulets in the form of stones for representatives of this decade of the sign should be very hard and preferably transparent. These include malachite, serpentine, diamond, amethyst, rock crystal, topaz, blood-red jasper, tiger's eye, or hematite.

Those born between November 3rd and 13th are second decade. These impetuous, but very kind, caring, family, noble and strong daredevils are under the influence of the warm and gentle Sun. The best amulets for this decade are corals, turquoise, amethyst, amber, sapphire, diamond, pearl and sardonyx. All these minerals will help the Scorpios of the second decade bring out the best personality traits and tone down the worst ones.

Scorpions third decade - these are passionate, very emotional personalities with a difficult character. Stones suitable for these representatives are garnet, aquamarine, emerald, heliodor, alexandrite, beryl and topaz. Pomegranate will allow you to cope with a storm of emotions and direct your energy to creative processes. Aquamarine will make his Scorpio more accommodating and diplomatic. Emerald will give the owner more wisdom. Heliodor will bring good luck in work, and alexandrite will attract finance and material wealth. Beryl will contribute to love matters. And topaz will force his Scorpio not to sit still, but to develop his creative abilities and earn money on it.

Minerals-patrons for children of the constellation Scorpio: boys and girls

If you were born scorpio girl, then in order for everything to develop correctly and without any special obstacles, the child should acquire amulet with topaz. Ideally, if it is a pink or yellow mineral. These gems help Scorpions to be active, energetic, purposeful and attractive to others.

So the child will not have problems with communication, he will be respected in the class, relations with teachers will develop well, because even the smallest Scorpios are very principled personalities by nature, so if something in life is not fair, then they will fight with all their might being right, regardless of the consequences.

Blue topazes give their owners a lighter outlook on life and slightly muffle the excessive categoricalness of the sign, which often develops into resentment and aggression. The sky-colored stone endows the little Scorpio with cheerfulness and the ability to relax.

It is better for a Scorpio child to collect a charm from several stones: topaz, amethyst and amber. So you can protect your child from evil and glaring people.

If you are lucky, and the family has appeared scorpio boy, then, believe me, it will be possible for parents to relax only after this little personality begins to democratically and with understanding look at the inconsistencies of the world around them. Up to this point, your protector will fight against any manifestations of injustice. A stone is well suited for a baby at this moment in life amber. This gem will make the character a little more accommodating, make your boy pay more attention to his goals, and not to the problems of the world around him, and attract a good circle of friends and people of interest.

Gems for health

For Scorpios, several healing stones are recommended to help them improve their health. This list can include:

  • coral;
  • topaz;
  • diamond;
  • sapphire;
  • Emerald.

With embellishments from coral Scorpio will learn to quickly get rid of negative energy and its inherent self-blame. Due to this, headaches will decrease, immunity will improve, heart problems will be released. Also, the coral will teach its owner to enjoy the work process, even if the type of activity seems completely boring to Scorpio. Back problems will go away, a healthy sleep will improve. The coral stone will direct the energy of its owner in the direction necessary to achieve their goals and will not allow them to repeat mistakes from the past. Due to this, the owner will begin to break down less, fall into a state of depression and the general condition of the body will improve.

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In Western culture topaz considered one of the traditional stones of Scorpio. This is one of the twelve stones on the breastplate of Aaron (the older brother of Moses and an associate in the liberation of the Jewish people from slavery). Since ancient times, it has been believed that topaz has tremendous energy, which can both completely heal people and completely oppress them. Connoisseurs say that topaz in its energy is ideal for people born in November.

The crystal comes in several colors, but this sign is best suited for blue and golden yellow. A stone of a warm shade symbolizes optimism and strength, it is believed that it strengthens the general physical health and raises the tone of its owner. And the blue mineral removes problems with the kidneys, heart, removes toxins from the body, and helps with digestive disorders.

Topaz is the best protector of Scorpio's health. Therefore, if you do not want to get sick, then it is better to buy for yourself a small amulet with this stone.

Diamonds, sapphires и emeralds help Scorpios during periods of heavy workload, when, for example, at work there is a complete blockage and the body starts to hurt from the load. It is at these moments of life that Scorpios should in no case take off their jewelry with these wonderful crystals. They will give strength, energy, perseverance and a resource to overcome all obstacles. These amazing stones are universal and suitable for any woman and even a man. Since ancient times, these gems symbolize immortality and happiness, relieve depression and attract vitality. If wearing Diamonds, sapphires и emeralds in a bracelet on the right hand, then it will be easier for a person to cope with his irritability, and if on the left, then in addition to health, minerals will also attract finances.

Get rid of various kinds of addictions Scorpio will help amethyst. A purple stone has a particularly strong effect. The mineral is recommended to be worn as a pendant or pendant on a chain around the neck. In difficult moments, it is recommended to remove the amulet and rub it in your hands so that the tension subsides and thoughts are distracted.

For luck, luck and money

Personal happiness will bring Scorpio black pearl, hematite, diamond, ruby ​​and garnet. Black pearls will help attract a partner and establish a good relationship with him. Mother of pearl helps people who are disappointed in the relationship between men and women. Hematite helps well in cases where people are already in marriage, but relations between partners are not getting better. The stone will help find common interests, make Scorpios be less aggressive, more restrained, diplomatic.

Diamonds, in principle, have a good effect on family Scorpios. They contribute to the development of friendly ties not only among the closest, but also among colleagues, friends of interest and just acquaintances. Rubies and garnets are real stones for love. They help Scorpios to be passionate, energetic, happy and creative in relationships.

money stone, for those born under this sign, is coil. The mineral will attract good luck, material wealth, the right business partners. For the stone to work best, it is worth making a frog statue out of it. It is better to keep the amulet on the desktop or somewhere near the wallet. So you will attract financial well-being into your life and will not need anything. Not bad for Scorpios will also work semi-precious turquoise. Although this is not an expensive mineral, however, it perfectly attracts money and tells its owner how to make money.

For women, it is better to wear turquoise in a ring on the leading hand: right if you are right-handed or left if you are left-handed. You can also buy turquoise earrings for good luck. It is believed that the closer the gem is to the head, the more the stone will suggest the right thoughts. For men, it is better to keep turquoise in a wallet or on a desktop. You can put something like a pendant in your wallet that won't fall out or get lost. And on the desktop you can buy a small figurine made of turquoise, an ashtray or a stand for stationery.

If you decide to buy yourself an amulet for happiness, then do not expect a bag of money to fall on you in a day. Amulets help those people who strive for their goal, move forward and work hard to be happy and successful.

Topaz is considered the luckiest stone for a scorpion.. It is recommended that you never part with this amulet. The stone should be taken to exams, important meetings, on long journeys. And the mineral has a special power in risky moments. Therefore, it is recommended to wear it to people of dangerous professions: firefighters, policemen, rescuers.

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Protective stones-amulets for Scorpios: from the evil eye and damage

An excellent protective stone for Scorpio will be amethyst. Amethyst is one of the best talismans for representatives of this wonderful sign who are in a difficult life situation. It is especially good if you have the sign of a scorpion engraved on a stone. Amethyst protects the owner's house from negativity from the outside, prevents any manipulations by friends, relatives and even strangers, attracts faithful companions into the life of the owner, as well as mutual love.

Not bad for Scorpio will influence moon rock. Despite the fact that this mineral belongs to the category of ornamental, it has a very strong energy that can protect its owner from various problems and bad people. And in order for the stone to work at full capacity, it is recommended not to wear it all the time, but to take it off at night and put it on the windowsill in the place where the crystal will look at the moon. And if you have a moonstone figurine, then you are generally lucky. They say that you can mentally ask this gem for protection for yourself and your family from enemies, and then the stone will protect you.

Remember, natural stones have a stronger energy than artificial fakes from the category of jewelry.

From damage, magic and any other strong energy influences of Scorpions can protect cat's eye. But keep in mind that this stone will not accept all people. He does not like liars, lazy and cowardly people. However, if you make friends with a cat's eye amulet, then be sure that the road is open to you in all areas of activity, wherever you go. Everywhere you will be waiting for good luck and success.

What stones can not be worn by Scorpions?

Regarding Scorpios, it cannot be said that some special stones are not suitable for their energy. Usually all minerals one way or another have a positive effect on their owner. However, remember that there is a list of stones that do not interact well with bad people - these are cat's eye, topaz, sapphire, amethyst, hematite and turquoise. If a person is deceitful, lazy, deceitful, then the minerals will try to harm such a person so that these people do not offend others.

Experts also argue that the stones are able to take away the negative and magical effects committed on the owner of the gem, and after that the amulets either cannot be worn, or they must be thoroughly cleaned.

How to understand that the stone should be cleaned? Usually when you wear a stone jewelry, you do not feel its weight. Since beads or inserts are made very light, so that they are not felt and do not interfere with a person. If the amulet is poorly charged and has taken on negative energy, then it seems to the person that the jewelry began to press and weigh a lot. For example, you put on a necklace, and it directly puts pressure on you and that's it. In such a situation, the jewelry should be left alone and in no case be worn. Otherwise, you may get sick. Usually, this is how stones warn their owners that there was a danger and the amulet took it upon itself, protecting the owner.

That clean the amulet, it should be put in a glass of running water for several days. After the product is removed, and the water is drained into the sink. Under no circumstances should you dip your hands in this water. And then you should go to an ordinary reservoir, it is better that it be a stream or a river, and gently rinse the jewelry. Believe it or not, but earlier our grandmothers could understand the state of a person’s health and what negative influences were made on breast decorations.

So, we hope that you now know exactly what stones to give to Scorpios. And if you belong to the representatives of this sign, then you will probably be interested in looking into the nearest jewelry store and looking for some attractive gift for yourself that will not only be useful in life, but will also bring a lot of aesthetic pleasure. After all, pampering yourself is so nice.