What to give your sister for 16 years: 38 birthday gift options

For relatives

Sixteen years is the age at which girls have almost become adults, but in their hearts they still remain children. It is often difficult to choose a gift for such a lady, and it is in order to ease the thought of what to give to her sister for 16 years, and this article was written. Looking closely at your beloved sister, you can easily understand which of the options below will suit her better.

Original cake

Original cake for a sister for 16 years

Fan Gifts

It just so happens that at this age, girls are prone to being a fan. Fanate, in turn, can be for completely different things, so you should learn more about the interests of your sister.

For example, many sixteen-year-old girls tend to have one or more musical performers as their favorites. It can be either One Direction, or some rock performers - from Boris Grebenshchikov to Kiss or someone more modern like Powerwolf. When thinking about what to give your sister for her 16th birthday, if the sister loves music - and musicians - you can stop at many options:

  • Official subject - T-shirts, mugs, wristlets - Definitely make a great gift. Such, by the way, can be found not only with musicians, but also with actors.
  • Posters will look more significant as a present if they are autographed by celebrities.
  • Well, better going to a concert of your favorite band for a girl of sixteen, there can be nothing at all.

You can give a fan of films and comics some books, comic book, mangaand character toys favorite series. Star Wars sword - a great option, as well as mug in the form of TARDIS from Doctor Who.

Mug Tardis

A mug based on your favorite movie will be a great gift

Gifts for gamers

Girls gamers are not uncommon these days. You can choose a present based on this interest, especially since it is not so difficult.

  • The easiest option is to give your sister a game that she has been wanting for a long time. Buying something on discs is now pretty pointless, but replenishing your personal library on Steam is a great presentation option. You can also pre-order a popular game for your sisterthat she is waiting for, for example, cyberpunk 2077. Such a gift will be especially valuable if the sister has not yet reached the age when she can buy such a game for herself.
  • You can opt for other things as well. New console - ideally, of course, the Sony PlayStation, or video card if the sister plays on the PC, they will definitely delight her.
  • There is also such an option: a gift of official merch. Figurines of favorite characters (Geralt of Rivia or Alice from Alice: Madness Returns) will be a worthy part of her sister's play collection. The same goes for clothes (t-shirts, dresses, skirts and sneakers "based on" various games).
  • Accessories will also be a good present. New cool headphonesgood joystick/gamepad/keyboard with mouseand camcorderif your sister is interested in streaming, this is an incredibly good investment.

Foldable keyboard


Foldable Bluetooth keyboard

lady gifts

Girls at sixteen still often turn out to be more ladies than tomboys. Of course, a principled gopnik should not give jewelry, but in other cases it is worth thinking about, especially new ones. earrings or little ring can be a great answer to the question of what to give your sister for her 16th birthday.

Speaking more specifically about jewelry, it is better to give something elegant and sophisticated. Preferably, of course, silver or platinum: gold is now often made with the addition of cheap alloys, which often causes allergies in girls. Bracelets now it is also in fashion, so you can give your sister some beautiful, unusual, suitable for her style of clothing.

New handbags и clutch definitely suitable for those girls who want - and plan - to become "socialites". They will also like a gift in the form of cocktail dress и shoes on a high but graceful heel.

These same ladies will love gifts such as darling cosmetics и subscriptions to the SPA-salonand paid appointment with a beautician.

High-heeled shoes

High-heeled shoes for going out

Gifts for quiet people

Not all girls are bright and noisy. Some prefer to sit in silence and solitude, and if the donor's sister is just such a person, you should think about cozy and calm gifts:

  • Good plaid, soft pillow fit perfectly, just like Cupto drink delicious tea (or coffee) at home.
  • Can be donated blinds for windowsso that the light does not interfere with sleep.
  • Also quiet girls are incredibly fond of books: it's worth finding out, maybe the sister does not have enough of a particular book so that her favorite book series would be on her shelf in its finished form.
  • Also, introverts are usually happy with gifts such as board for drawing or embroidery kits. The main thing is to find out which talent prevails in your beloved sister, and not to be mistaken.

When choosing a gift for a sister for her sixteenth birthday, it is definitely worth considering that sisters are also girls. Therefore, do not forget about the flowers - they will be a worthy addition to any gift.

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