Wrist watch The Electricianz - shine always, shine everywhere

Wrist Watch

Background: from the house of Sevenfriday. There was much more light. Modern life is hard to imagine without bright lighting of streets and houses, shops and cafes. And even without car headlights! Fifty or sixty years ago, it seemed impossible that it is now commonplace - at night there is so much light as during the day.

But times have changed. Everywhere is light, spacious and breathes with the spirit of modernity. The source of light (even in minimal manifestations) are household appliances and many household items. Wristwatches are no exception.

The Electricianz brand belongs to the category of young, but gained popularity due to its unusual design. It is not surprising, because the founding fathers of Sevenfriday are at the origins of The Electricianz. This brand is also famous for its non-standard approach to watch design. So The Electricianz has more than enough experience in this matter.

Case: size, content, color

This is a big clock. But the expression "big clock" should not scare. In the current century, the fashion for large watches continues. But in such a diameter there are pluses: the designers managed to realize the idea of ​​combining the mechanism and the battery in one plane. The dial, and hence the mechanism, occupy the vast majority of the space inside the case, but not all. There was also room for a 3-volt battery, which was attached next to the wires - they transfer energy from the power source to the mechanism. This seems to be the trademark of The Electricianz, their mark of distinction.

The body itself is black. It is made of stainless steel with a durable PVD coating.

The dial and everything on it: look closer

As mentioned above, the dial occupies most of the area under the mineral glass. The mark of each hour is presented in the form of an in-depth serif. Minute divisions are duplicated twice, that is, in the inner and outer circles of the dial.

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Hour, minute and second hands in different colors. Hour - silver, minute - the color of electrical contacts, copper. The second hand is black. A white stripe at the end helps her not to get lost on the dial.

Thanks to this combination of colors, there is no difficulty with the readability of time indications.

Backlight: main feature

In an interesting way, the clock has a backlight function. The button located above the crown is responsible for its activation. Its edging in the form of a copper ring resembles the color of electrical contacts. On the end of the button, the designation of the LED flaunts, with which it is marked on the electrical diagram. "Click on me" - read on the button. We press. And red LEDs brightly illuminate the dial, letting you know the time in the dark. The glow lasts only three seconds, but this is quite enough.

Bracelet: solidarity with the case

In this model, the manufacturer decided to abandon the belt made of leather or other material, supplying the watch with a metal bracelet. The latter, of course, is made in the same color scheme as the body.

Button fastening. Interestingly, the inside of the clasp is coated, as is the entire bracelet. Probably so that the bracelet does not get bored.

Mechanism: when the manufacturer's name speaks for itself

Watch with quartz movement Miyota 2033. Unpretentious, accurate, durable.

Who this watch is for: undoubtedly, this watch will emphasize the peculiarity of the owner and his unusual approach to choosing accessories. A red glow will add zest to this choice.