Wrist watch Timex MK1 x Pop Trading Co

Wrist Watch

Timex has teamed up with renowned Amsterdam skate brand POP Trading Co. to reimagine the iconic MK1. This timepiece, known for its lightness, durability and adaptability to everyday style, is presented in a neutral color scheme and complemented by two fabric strap options. Despite the rather simple design, Timex MK1 x Pop Trading Co have a strong personality - upon closer inspection of the dial, it turns out that the marks are set an hour ago.

According to the guys from POP Trading Co., this is not only a kind of dedication to those who are always late, but also an original solution to the problem - thanks to the unconventional location of the marks, there is a need to hurry up and generally move more actively!

Cost of Timex MK1 x Pop Trading Co. — 119USD


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