A bright piece of Italy on your wrist - review Venezianico 1221503 & Venezianico 1221507

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Today we will get acquainted with the Venezianico brand. This watch is inspired by the architecture of Venice, a vibrant and beautiful city in Italy. In general, Italy is always associated with design, fashion and elegance. This is what inspired the creators of Venezianico. The brand was born in 2017 thanks to the initiative of two brothers, Alberto and Alessandro Morelli.

Initially, the idea was to create a mechanical automatic watch, as a tribute to Venice, by reworking the self-winding rotor. But very quickly, young and talented specialists in the field of design and engineering began to join the team. Thanks to their skills and great love for watchmaking, they made a huge contribution to the development of the idea. The main thing that united the creators of the brand is passion. Something that can make it possible to build a modern competitive watch brand in the 21st century.

Venezianico watches reflect a lifestyle that goes far beyond Venice, but at the same time they retain all the values ​​that inspired the creators of the brand.

The first thing that catches your eye is a chic designer box and equipment. Even the normally overlooked shipping paper is superbly made. The watch itself is inspired by the masterpiece of Venetian architecture, the Basilica del Santissimo Redentore, designed by Andrea Palladio, the “father of the neoclassical style”.

The Venetian style of architecture is characterized by an amazing balance of shapes and proportions, and this feature was tried to embody in the watch case: it received an elegant modern look, which gave the watch versatility.

The case really attracts attention. The small diameter is 40mm, the distance between the lugs is 48mm, and the thickness is 14,2mm. This shape and size is very popular and many brands create their watches in this size.

There are 2 types of finishes on the case - mirror polished upper faces and matte side faces. There are protrusions that protect the crown from impacts, and on the crown itself there is the Venezianico brand logo.
Separately, I would like to pay attention to the glass: it is a sapphire with an anti-reflective chic shape. The glass is slightly rounded at the edges, raised, and its upper surface is flat. This design is very reminiscent of vintage models with acrylic glass, which was once incredibly popular and was actively used by all brands.

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Today, it is no longer so easy to give such a shape to a sapphire. Most brands in the low and medium price segment prefer to save money by choosing completely flat glasses. Here, however, this vintageness is eye-catching: when we look at the watch from an angle, the light is refracted and a magnificent effect is obtained. This form of glass, it seems to me, fits very well on this case.

The watch is completed with a leather strap, on the inside of which you can find the name of the brand and the inscription "Made in Italy". The highest quality of Italian leather is also noteworthy - this, of course, is a separate kind of pleasure.

The back cover is also worthy of attention. On it we see an image of the same Basilica del Redentore: rays emanate from it, as if the sun is rising behind it, and in front of the entrance is the splashing of the waves of the Venetian canals.
Gorgeous image made by deep engraving. It shows the brand name, models, water resistance of 100 meters, automatic movement and sapphire crystal. Interestingly, the inscriptions are made in Italian.

The cover is fixed with six screws, and under it there is a mechanism - the Japanese caliber Seiko TMI NH35a. Yes, probably not the most serious, but at the same time very popular with micro brands: it is inexpensive and allows manufacturers to create watches without raising the price too much. In addition, the mechanism is reliable, self-winding, stop second and date display. Works with a frequency of 21600 vibrations per hour, on 24 jewels, with a power reserve of 41 hours.

In terms of the shape of the case, I really liked the watch. They look cool, interesting and with a slight vintage touch that is relevant today.

As for the dial. There is a pattern of "sun rays", which gives the appearance of the watch attractiveness, especially in the light. A delightful optical effect is created by the many engraved lines that converge towards the center of the dial: light is reflected in a radial direction, increasing the brightness of the dial.

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At the 12 o'clock position there is the brand's logo, a magnificent applied cross, and at the bottom there is the inscription Redentore automatic. Very neat printing and excellent applied polished indexes that go well with the mirror polished watch hands. By the way, the hands of the model with a light dial are different, they are highlighted in blue, which gives better readability of the time on the white dial. There are white minute markings around the perimeter, and the whole thing looks elegant together. The only thing that confuses me is the white date window. However, in this particular model, I would like to either remove the date altogether, or make the date disk at least a little in tune with the dial.

The Venezianico Redentore collection has several color solutions. All of them are interesting in their own way, and indeed this brand has several bright collections. In my opinion, it is the classics, the very elegant Italian style that we need.

According to the characteristics, everything here is very decent: the mechanism is simple, but at the same time self-winding.
Bright red watches, probably not for every day, but rather for a certain style or a specific image. But if you are not afraid of bright colors, then such a watch will definitely suit you and will attract attention. If you are more conservative, a neat version with a silver dial will suit you better. The watch looks very elegant, delicately emphasizing your style.

It would seem that models from the same collection are very similar, but at the same time they differ so much. Surely each of them will find its connoisseur: one person is unlikely to like both models.

Of course, we understand that these watches are not made in Italy. Naturally, the production itself is located in Asia (only concept / design and engineering in Italy). But the meticulousness with which they are made and how interestingly worked out inspires respect. It seems to me that the watch is worthy, and the price is quite pleasant for such unusual models with the spirit of Venice.

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