Are pearls still relevant in 2024?

Jewelery and bijouterie

Warmly welcoming the advent of the era of pearls, we draw attention to the limitless number of creative thoughts on the topic of perhaps the most conservative jewelry.

Let's start with some illustrative examples. For fans of vintage aesthetics, we invite you to remember the pearl chokers of Christian Dior from the time of John Galliano or take a closer look at the aesthetics of the Mirror Palais and CULT GAIA brands.

Another cool stylistic choice is the combination of tracksuits with pearl necklaces, which we saw at Pharrell Williams' debut Louis Vuitton show. Here we will add Crocs with large pearls from the Simone Rocha x Crocs collaboration.

Adherents of classic style will surely love the combination of tweed with an impressive pearl body kit in the best traditions of CHANEL. Also, don’t forget about the infantile aesthetic with cute pearl anklets and bracelets.

What to choose?

When considering pearls as a form of self-expression, look towards brooches (they can, for example, be attached to shoes or a headdress), strings of pearls or statement necklaces.

The most versatile options include accent rings with large pearls or active earrings in a vintage style.

What to combine?

It is important to remember that in the coming seasons, pearl jewelry will “replace” the basic chains. At a minimum, this indicates the versatility of the products, which can easily be adapted to any style, tasks and preferences. At the most, about the possibility of creative experiments with an emphasis on unexpectedly bold combinations.

Therefore, we suggest abandoning the most obvious stylistic decisions and wearing pearls with your favorite T-shirts/sweatshirts, coats and even fur coats. We recommend decorating shoes, glasses and baseball caps with individual large pearls.